Weight Training Load is always 0

I’ve been using intervals.icu for more than 1 year mainly to track my cycling training activities and training load. I always use a power meter on my bike and heart rate chest band. The actual training data is captured by Garmin Edge and synced to Garmin Connect and from there imported to intervals.icu. So I always see accurate training load for all cycling activities.

As part of my trining I also incorporate weight training 1 or 2 times/week and only use Garmin vivosmart to save the strength training activity and sync to Garmin Connect and again automatically imported to intervals.

However, I do not see the training load of any Weight Training activity in the Activities page. I only see for example “Load 0 (50)”. Is this because I don’t use heart rate chest band? Is the reason because Garmin vivosmart calculates heart rate from the wrist and doesn’t have chest HRM sensor?

Also, already sold my Garmin vivosmart and thinking to buy Whoop so that I can also add wellness data, but is it also possible to add Strength training activity measured by Whoop to intervals.icu with to correct training load (without the need for chest HRM).

Any comments much appreciated.

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Look at this on the settings page to get the explanation on why it is like this by default:

If you want to overrule that, increase the Fitness percentage on the Weight training line.

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