Weight Lifting improvements

Intervals.icu is very, very nice for endurance training.

Endurance athletes also often include some Weight Training, and maybe some things could be improved here (or I do not know how to use them).

https://weightxreps.net/ are using a fairly simple markdown syntax on how to write in exercises and rep schemes and doing simple illustrations based on those. Based on this and RPE - your progress in the individual lifts are tracked in the app.

Login makes it possible to write in RPE for the individual sets which will make it possible to also track RPE.

Adding a simple syntax for adding exercises, reps, sets, weight based on your current records in the lifts similar to how you can do this for endurance activities would be really, really awesome.


An markdown syntax like werightxreps would be awesome having had a quick review - regardless of whether it is implemented, thanks for flagging the website - looks a good way to track strength work in a simple format :+1:t3:

There are definitely weight lifting improvements I would like to see. It’s one of my least used activity types though so not high priority from my perspective. But my two wishlist items would be

  1. Creating workouts with exercises that garmin understands
  2. Breaking out each workout step and rest as intervals on completed activities

I’m going to check out WeightXReps - thanks for the tip! Garmin Connect does okay with basic weight stats, but I wish I could choose which exercises I could keep in the 1 rep max section (there are only a set number of hard-coded benchmark exercises).

For Intervals, I’m not too worried about how well it tracks my weight work (I joined the CrossFit cult a few months ago). I’m content with the overall heart rate/fitness stats I get here, and rely on Garmin Connect to track the rest. I wish there were a magic solution to cater to both my cycling/endurance work and my weight work, but I know that’s a heavy lift if you want to do both well, and is a lot to ask for volunteer efforts like Intervals or WeightXReps. And of course Garmin is opaque, and we have no clue what their dev priorities are haha.

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I stubled over these articles regarding TSS / weight lifting:

I use the “Strong” App (https://www.strong.app/) to record my weight training. This also gives me my total load at the end of the training.
With this number and the discussed methodes in the articles, it should be possible to calculate the TSS, however, I haven’t tried it yet.
Maybe worth to give it a try.

It’s all guess work and probably not worth the effort. When it comes to assessing strength work done, I would go by RPE and how you feel in your subsequent (sport specific) workouts to get a gauge of how ‘hard’ your strength work is…

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There is an existing topic about Strong and Intervals.icu: https://forum.intervals.icu/t/import-strong-data-weightlifting-app/

Didn’t knew about https://weightxreps.net/ Thanks for sharing. Let me check if I can import data from Strong.

Been in contact with the developer and they created an import functionality.
Data from Strong app can be imported. :sunglasses:

It’s a nice community, similar as here. People are trying to help and improve collectively.

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Furthermore the developper of weightxreps included an import for Hevy data as well.

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I would love a way to pull data from weightxreps into intervals.

Currently I am manually copying and pasting across into the notes field of a weight training activity and adding total weight lifted myself.

Not efficient but means I can keep track of history and volume all in one place.

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It’s the same thing for the Hevy app and since Hevy doesn’t record HR it comes into intervals a little silly.

It would be awesome if lifting apps could take HR, but more importantly it would be helpful if intervals could track different lifts, muscle groups, 1RM values etc.

On Strava Hevy posts the workout list as a description, it would be nice if intervals was able to take the Strava description and put it into the notes section of an activity.

Recording all of these stats would be really cool!

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What does the Garmin Strength Training integration look like with Intervals?

I record the WO with Garmin (without the reps and weights, just the HR) and with Hevy which is forwarded to Strava. Intervals connects them into one. Only disadvantage is I have to delete the entry that Garmin creates in Strava so it’s not double there.

Sometimes this does not work and both entries appear in Intervals. But you can always copy the text in the Hevy app (there’s a button for that) and paste it into the notes of the Garmin record in Intervals. This is pretty easy as well.

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Can you share a (preferably) public link of the Activty uploaded to Strava so I can take a look at it?

Or possible to get the FIT file (or however it’s recorded as) and the pasted description so I can upload it to my development profile and play with it? If the request is (supposedly) as simple as just getting the Strava Desc and putting it into Intervals.icu notes. Maybe something can be done.

Ît seems to me, that there is no fit-file attached, however. Probably they only send the basics like time + a picture + notes. So more like a manual activity.

But as said, Intervals pulls the data already into the notes.


  1. you say that intervals already pulls the data (from the desc in Strava) into notes - In this case, seems like this integration is done?
  2. I see that There’s a picture! I tot only WorkoutApps like TR/Zwift/Rouvy got the approval to upload pics!


Yes, it looks like that, when the automatic pairing works

The weight lifted has to be entered manually, however. This and other data are not available in Strava (only as a picture) and thus cannot be extracted.

And clicking on the note shows it in a readable manner:

And as there was talk above about weightxreps, this is how the same workout looks there:

@ 86.4 bw
@ HRV: 64
@ RHR: 45
@ Sleep: 8/10

#Incline Bench Press
42.5 x 19

55 x 19

#Leg Press (incline)
86 x 5
136 x 5 Warm-up
156 x 3 Warm-up

#Box Jump 24"
BW+5 x 7

#Leg Press (incline)
176 x 6 x 5

#Chest Fly (Dumbbell)
115lb  x 6 x 5

#Lat Pulldown (Cable)
70 x 6 x 5

#Seated Overhead Press #OHP
37.5 x 6 x 5

#Ab Wheel
BW+5 x 12 x 5

#Lying Neck Extension (Weighted)
5 x 13

#Dumbbell Row
130lb  x 16

#Lying Neck Curls (Weighted)
5 x 14

I doubt however, that this can easily be extracted there. But if somebody wants to, it’s only a few mouseclicks away, as there you could select the whole text and copy and paste it to the notes field in Intervals.


Nice! Hence, nothing for me to explore then. :+1:

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When I import the strength training workout from HealthFit, it comes in with the HR data, which is not true of the Strava import.

When it comes in from the HealthFit app it does not record the notes as defined above.

What would be ideal is if intervals would be able to automatically import the total weight lifted, but also in the longer term (since it is aich bigger ask) be able to have a more robust structure around weightlifting, were it would be able to track muscle groups and such like the Hevy app does.

This is my activity as imported from HealthFit, with the total weight, RPE, and feel manually added

Again this is a huge ask I realize and it isn’t a weightlifting platform primarily, but it would be a really cool feature for the future if it’s possible.

Hevy (and I’m sure other apps) track the following things that would be really neat if it could be automatically roped into the intervals ecosystem.

Muscle groups

Breakdown of each lift types history (heaviest weight, 1 rep max, etc)