Weight from garmin connect

is possible to sync weight from garmin connect?
i use Garmin Index Smart…

Yes: sync your weight to Strava and tick the option in your intervals.icu profile to get it from Strava.

how i can sync weight from GC to Strava?

Apparently, I stand corrected. I was pretty sure this worked, but it doesn’t. If you have an Apple device, you can use Health to sync between them, but Garmin to Strava directly, not so much. Been on the requested features list since 2015 or something.

There might be a IFTTT routine for it, but I haven’t searched for that.

Sorry :man_shrugging:

As @Cyclopaat said if you can get the scale to update Strava somehow then it will work. I have started the process to gain access to the Garmin API but integrating that is some way off as its a lot of work.

This site automatically synces to multiple pages, and it workes. Small cost but totally worth it.

Also givea correct weight on trainerroad

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There’s always someone with the stamina to work out stuff that Garmin, Strava or any other app just doesn’t care about, no matter the overwhelming user requests. In fact, this site is an outstanding example of that :joy:

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Is it just me, or did you (re)move the weight setting and Strava sync option thereof?

Its still there for me! What are you seeing?

Probably (seeing) nothing :joy: I could have sworn it was next to DoB, but I found it…

It might have been at some point. I have re-arranged that page a few times to make space for new things.

sorry but i hope in a free solution…
i’m only an amateur.

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Hehe, me to. But some stuff are worth paying for. For example avoid change weight on like 4-5 different platforms once every week… But intervals.icu is definitely worth supporting

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There is a free service at https://www.weemple.com/weightnet/
It syncs from Garmin to Strava/MapFitness/Google/Fitbit


happy Easter!!!

i try now

this is perfect

is free.
and works great!

non sync the past weight but for the future is ok.

From their site: “To synchronize historical data, please refer to the WeightHub desktop app.” Scroll all the way down to see your options (Mac/Windows) - it will cost you 5 CHF, but if you want to sync your history, it might be worth it…

Garmin connect stopped “having” my weight from 31st Oct onwards. Has this also happened to anyone else?

I’m not sure where it was getting its data from (I use a Withings smart scale, and both apps connected to apple health / myfitness pal). Does anyone know how to check what was the data source from garmin connect?

I’ve managed a workaround for IICU (Withings → IFTTT → Strava → Intervals), but am still missing the data in Garmin Connect.

Garmin is not being particulary helpful here.

Looks like my weight has also stopped syncing some time late October also. I have a Fitbit aria scales. I can’t remember how I had it syncing will have to look into it.

Worked out the data flow

Fitbit > MyFitnessPal > Garmin > Strava > Intervals.icu

It had updated in MyFitnessPal but not in Garmin

went into MyFitnessPal and added some food, then in garmin made sure it synced health calories in/out. Then checked weight and it updated from my last time on the scales and into strava and intervals.icu

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