VO2max and the dreaded 3rd booster vaccination

Ok, first a bit of background. I’m 74 as fit as a fiddle and been cycling 6 years, prior to that cross country skier and marathon runner, had to give those up due to Osteoporosis in my hip. Anyway enough about that.
Decided my VO2max/LHRT needed a boost so started on a specific plan towards extending them. Went well first few weeks, then took my 3rd booster vaccination. Within a few weeks I started feeling fatigue in a way I’ve never felt it before.
So, my question to the group is:- Have any of you experienced this after taking the third booster jab?

I have had the booster jab, I felt fine for the first 20 hours and then began to feel ill, I had cold like symptoms and aches and so on but this only lasted a few days, I have not been aware of any long term affect on my fitness.

For me, same experience as Steve.

I never felt unwell, bit sore in my arm thats all. It was just this sudden ultra fatigue, nearly from one day to the next. Took a week off and now just doing Z2 to get back into it.

I think sticking to zone 2 is the correct thing to do until you recover.

Yes, I agree. Giving it until the end of this week. Then slowly build again.

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I had quite mild reactions to both initial doses (AZ) but nothing other than a sore arm for booster (Pfizer). Certainly it’s an individual thing; I had a friend with the same combination as me and the booster laid him low for a few days.

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I’m in the same boat as AlanH.

Me, too - same vaccination (1 x AZ, 2 x Biontech) and only mild or no symptoms at all.

Out of curiosity I checked 7-days HRV baseline.
Booster vaccination was on 11th Dec 21 and since then my HRV has more or less continuously been rising.

While it might be difficult to interpret this 1:1 as an increase in fitness it corresponds well with my subjective feeling of getting fitter.

Thats interesting. My HR seems to be all over the place at present. All three of my jabs were Pzizer.
PS: Thats an interesting data chart, what do you ise that shows that?

Stephen, that chart is the output of hrv4training. More specifically, I have a “pro” subscription to hrv4training and am offered these charts on their website (as opposed to graphs in the app for standard users)


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Will look into that. I’ve been concentrating on my VO2max and LHRT this winter and been trying to find something that I can compare my HR with.

please note that it requires a steady routine measuring your HR/HRV every morning. A single measurement or even a handful of measurements is quite useless.
Good thing though is that you can measure with your mobile phone, no need to put on a strap…

@Stephen_Humlen-Grins you can record HRV readings (RMSSD, SDNN, Readiness) in your Intervals.icu activity calendar and then plot them in your fitness charts. I haven’t been doing this long enough to look back at the effect of vaccinations. I’ve been using EHRV and Kubios apps and I’m getting some interesting variations :thinking:

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Just had a look there AlanH. I’m not sure what you mean by RMSSD, SDNN and Readiness. I looked under Columns

In your Intervals.icu calendar view click on a date and then Wellness Data. You can select which fields to use from the ‘Fields’ dropdown list.

Thanks Alan. I’ll play around with that. :slight_smile:

To just highlight I dont think it matters what shot it is but we all react differently at different times.

My second shot of pfizer resulted in the effects you describe. A few weeks of fatigue that lasted for 6 weeks for me.
My third shot resulted in no symptoms at all. Got on the bike the next day. Kept it at some endurance rides for the next few rides but there was no impact.

I was fortunate and had no side effects from an of my three Covid shots.

Oura data on Intervals.icu

Now that I’m using Oura ring for sleep/HRV/readiness, Intervals can pull that data so I don’t have to manually update Wellness data. I think HRV4Training can also do that if you connect it with Dropbox.

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12 days after 3rd booster vaccination (Moderna) I feal still tired, dreary and out of whack. My RHR increased from 44 to 60 bpm and seems still raising. This is the third type of vaccine after AZ and Pfizer. Guess that was the last vaccination for me .