Upload planned workouts to Garmin Connect

You can link your Garmin Connect account and Intervals.icu will upload your next week of planned workouts. Next time you sync with Garmin Connect the workouts should appear on your device. Go to the /settings page and tick the “Upload planned workouts” checkbox. This will take you to Garmin Connect to authorise Intervals.icu.

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 08.38.42

You can also select which workouts to upload (indoor/outdoor, only rides etc.).

Workouts are automatically updated whenever you make changes to your plan on Intervals.icu.

I have only tested this on my Garmin Edge 500 and am looking for feedback on how the workouts play out on newer Garmin devices.


Great achievement David! Congratulations.

P.S.: Once we are able to prescribe workouts by Pace I would say this whole “planned workouts toolbox” will be finished. It’s the only thing I miss in intervals at the moment.

Anyway, great job!


This is awesome thank you David. I just built a workout and downloaded it to my Edge 530 with no problems I will try it out tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

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Congratulations David is great news. I uploaded a workout to try on my 520Plus and 357xt. I’ll let you know

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Hi, Sounds great! However it is not working for me… I have quite a few planned workout that were planned that did not upload. I also tried to create a basic workout (- 60m @ 50% or - 60m @ 200W), none of which were uploaded to my garmin account calendar / Edge unit.
Anything I am doing wrong?
I obviously activated the link, with a filter set for any ride activity.

Brilliant work again. Edge 810 working well.

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You aren’t doing anything wrong. Some of yours are failing with an “internal” error. Did you create them by dragging from your workout library?

I made a dummy exit to your “Commute to work” on the 18th and now yours are uploading. How did you create that workout?

Thanks very much, that was indeed the problem. I believe I created those by dragging from my library, or doing copy with alt + drag. But it was definitely created less than 1 month ago, so not coming form an old version workoiut. Not sure what the problem might be as creatingone from scratch does not reproduce the problem…

@david Just out of curiosity is this something your are working on for Wahoo as well?

Wahoo’s cloud integration is “under development”. I have asked for access and will get on that as soon as I can. Also trying to find out if I can get workouts into Zwift.


thanks for the update and all the hard work.

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Excellent work David! Thank you.

I am also having some issues with the uploads. My already planned workouts are not automatically updating to garmin connect / 530. I was able to upload the next three days by slightly adapting the workouts (for example, adding few minutes to the cooldown). The same trick does not seem to work for the ones starting from next saturday. Any tips?

Keep up the great work!

@david Just a quick note regarding the workouts: There does not seem to be a “band” of power around the target when I look at my workout on the Garmin? I mean on this screen : https://triathlonmagazine.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Screen-Shot-2019-04-23-at-4.16.09-PM.png (sorry that’s the only picture I found, but if you have a Garmin unit you will relate), I see the low and high power as being exactly the power I have set in my workout.

This is fine if you’re on a turbo with erg mode on, as it will smooth your power and most of the time you will be spot on target value. But if you don’t use erg mode or do a workout outside, you will never be on it exactly, which will make your edge unit go banana and it will keep telling you your power is too low or too high.
Ideally, I think you would want a margin of error of around 15W on each side (30 total) or something like 5% on each side of your target power.
I hope this makes sense, but I think if you’ve already done a workout outside with your unit you will understand what I mean.

Also question for you: is there an equivalent to the until lap button pressed for duration of an interval? It can be quite useful, especially when training outside!

And also, maybe an improvement for performance: I see that workouts that upload to Garmin Connect take significantly longer to save / update than other workouts when clicking on the ok buttton (3-5 s vs instantly). Could this be done in the background / asyncronously just after saving it to intervals.icu? I guess this would speed up things a bit when amending your workouts :slight_smile:

Last but not least, reall great job once again, this is amazing what you have done here :slight_smile:

@Paavo_Heikkinen I think workouts only sync until one week ahead, from what I have seen and tested, so I guess it will be synced automatically as you approach the date.

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Hi David, I can confirm that on the 735xt it works fine. I tested a running workout. Now I ask you why not take running data with power from garmin connect?

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Tx. It currently it only goes forward a week. It should have uploaded your existing plan as soon as you enabled the feature. How far into the future would you like it to go? The choice of a week was arbitrary but I do need to watch out for Garmin API rate limits.

I will get to running with power soon, it has been requested quite a bit. I have also started the process to get activities and health stats like weight, sleep, HRV etc from Garmin Connect.


Tx. You can specify a range when creating the workout (e.g. “- 90-95%”) but automatically making 5% ranges for outdoor workouts is a good idea.

Garmin has a “durationType: OPEN” for a step that might do “until lap button pressed”. I will investigate that.

The upload to Garmin is done in the background. The slowness you are experiencing is likely Intervals.icu recalculating your future fitness. I am going to put that in the background soon. I didn’t have a “background job queue” until the Garmin work.

Thanks David!

Currently it has uploaded until next week Tuesday! I think a week in advance is more than enough!

I have done my first two exercises and it works great on my 530 plus.

I would have one question regarding the exercise “design”. Yesterdays 3x20min @92% gave me the exact requirement to stay at 92%, any deviation down-/upwards caused a warning (including a piip). It was quite a symphony during the exercise. How should I set the exercise so that there is some range around the target?

Edit. Sorry I just saw you already answered this above!


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Thanks David, this is great news