Training plan start dates and rollouts

Athletes assigned to a training plan can now all have different start dates. So you can have a number of athletes on the same plan, starting at different times so each on a different week of the plan:

You can configure the plan so athletes receive the workouts as the plan progresses instead of all at once when it is applied:

In this case athletes on this plan will get workouts for the next week on Saturday.

You can still click “Apply Changes” to push workouts to athletes immediately. If you have configured “Rollout” then they will still only get the next week or 2 etc.


Awesome David, that helps a lot.

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There is now a checkbox to stop athletes from editing/moving workouts from the plan:


excellent @david

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Hi @david / anyone

I can’t seem to edit the rollout, auto rollout or name of a plan after i’ve created it. Is there logic to stop this if the plan is already populating athletes calendars? It would be good to be able to change this on the fly as I’m developing the plan as I go.

I’ve changed the name and rollout period in the below example but the “OK” button is still greyed out.


The issue is that the starting fitness and fatigue values are -1 which is why the ok button doesn’t turn on. I am not sure how that happened. I have just updated them in the db so you should be able to edit the plan.

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Some man! Thanks

I probably a bit slow, but what does the “current week” part mean in “Start date and current week”? I can adjust the Start date via the edit pencil but I’m not sure what the week part is telling me.

That is what week of the plan the athlete is on. If the plan is say 8 weeks and they started 8 days ago then they will be on week 2.

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David, could you shortly summarize expected rollout behavior?

What I have noticed is-

  1. only future workouts are added (thats fine)
  2. what happens if I edit rolled out workout? Does next update discard all changes?
  3. What if I delete future workout to replace with something totally different?
  4. What if I move future workout to different day same week?

Future workouts already applied to the athlete’s calendar from the plan are updated when the plan is re-applied. So if you move workouts around on the athlete’s calendar or make changes to them they will return to the original plan day and changes will be lost (so 2 is yes).

If you remove a future workout from the plan it will be removed from athlete calendars on apply (3). If you add new workouts these will be applied to athlete calendars.

It might be better to not overwrite changes where workouts have been moved or edited on the athlete calendar? Then you could keep the auto rollout etc but still tweak the plan for individual athletes.

Is there a way to add a tick box to the plan, per day (even just the future)?
Then we tick the boxes that we want to apply the changes to, and only those dates are changed on the calendar.


Just a quick question.

When having multiple workouts a day, how do they behave? In other words. How do I control which workout shows up first?

Unfortunately you can’t do that currently. When a workout has been applied to an athlete’s calendar then you can edit the time and they are displayed in time order.

Alright, thanks for the reply!

I might try that in de meantime.

I would like to suggest feature to training plan rollouts.

Lets say there are next 3 weeks published from plan to two athletes calendar (same plan) and plans rollout on sunday. One one them have availability issues and and needs manual edit for next week workouts. Right now if I edit calendar, it will auto-reset during rollout on Sunday.

Would it be possible to add Checkbox “Do not update from plan” under Week number ComboBox? That would keep edit for that specific week.

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I would like something like this as well. I use a standard plan and change it in the calendar when needed, but after a rollout the changes become undone.

Or is there a different way to keep the individual changes intact?