Synching workouts with Hammerhead Karoo 2.0

I love and vastly prefer it to Trainingpeaks. However, it would seem that the only way to send future workouts to the Hammerhead Karoo is through TP. At TP’s end, this requires a premium membership, which I really don’t want to do. I realize this probably requires a new API, but is it in the plans? I would really prefer to do all my planning and analysis through! If it is planned, I could live with uploading one day at a time into TP until the icu is able to handle it.

thx for a great product


Tx. I have been in contact with them and I need to provide a TP compatible “workout of the day” endpoint and then they would need to do (a little) work on their end. Unfortunately they don’t have an open API that I can use to push the workouts from

I will probably get this done at some point because that will make it easier for platforms that already support TP to pull workouts from but I can’t give a firm timeframe.


Thanks so much for the reply. I’m looking forward to using my new toy, but I’ll miss the ease of using for the day to day workouts. For now I’ll just have to manually recreate them in TP. I’ll keep using icu for my planning and analysis.

Keep up the great work. I’m not going anywhere!

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How about Karoo uploading workouts to directly?

That is less likely unfortunately.

Any updates on this? Thinking about getting one myself would be nice if I dont have to go through TP

Hi I have just transitioned from Garmin 810 to a Karoo 2.
I have linked my free Strava account into Intervals and it automatically uploads from my Karoo 2 via my broadband when I get home. I also have it set it to include via my free TP account into my WKO+ account.


I think you mean your completed workouts syncing to TP and Strava(then to Intervals)…

The OP is looking to sync workouts FROM intervals into the Karoo.