Sync with Wahoo Systm broken?


my workouts from wahoo systm are no longer syncing with
i disconnected then reconnected the link to wahoo without any change.
the only way that my workouts show up is if i use “download old data” on the settings page.
anyone else has the problem or can help me to fix it?


Sync this morning and works perfectly fine.

Could you share the log?

I’ve noticed this over the weekend. Workouts from SYSTM are not syncing but activities from Elemnt devices are. I started the Wahoooligan Tour and none of the workouts have passed through but a brick run straight after stage 2 did (recorded on Elemnt Rival). Yoga has not synced this morning.

Seperate but also an issue on an iPad (and maybe other tablets). I emailed the .fit/.tcx file to myself so I could manually upload. It’s impossible to upload using a mobile device. The upload command cannot upload the file if its stored on the iPad or in a folder on iCloud Drive. It’s greyed out. Minor inconvenience as I’ve had to boot up a Mac to be able to do it and the import got the load incorrect. Would be great if the upload command can work on an iPad.

where can i find the log?

You’re right. When I enabled source it shows Strava instead of Wahoo SYSTM.

Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 09.47.23

That greyed out thing is largely due to the fact, that iOS (or usually Safari on iOS) adds a .txt extension to unknown file extensions (but hides that of course :wink:)

So the file is actually no longer called but and since the uploader does not support .txt file extensions it’s greyed out.

There are workarounds though. You’d need an app that allows you to rename files and shows the full filename. I personally use Blink (a SSH client) which comes with rudimentary linux/unix commands including mv which allows me to rename files on the command line when I move them to the right folder.

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Thanks @rolandplanitz thats really interesting to know👍🏼.

At least here that could probably easily “fixed” by @david just by “allowing” .gpx.txt as valid extension


As Garmin Connect still receives from Wahoo, should it work when I disconnect with Strava so activities will be synced with

Did you find a solution ? I have the exact same problem for the past 2 weeks. Workouts stopped automatically syncing from Wahoo Systm to Every time I have to “download all data” to get it to sync manually.

No unfortunately Garmin doesn’t pass those on to

I had a look in the logs and I can see some activities from the 14th and 15th of March come through but when tries to download the file it gets a 403 (access denied) error.

I can see on the 19th you did get an activity from Wahoo. So maybe this is something they have sorted out already?

I will look next time you do something on Wahoo to try figure out whats up. This activity has power spikes clipped:

If you click the orange message about that you can fix them.

Unfortunately not.
Activity on March 19th was outdoor ride with Wahoo Bolt. This syncs perfectly.
Wahoo SYSTM is still bugging. Workout is to download the original file from Garmin Connect and manually upload to intervals.ICU…

I am going to try contact their support. There are 934 of these failed downloads circling in and out of the Wahoo download queue.

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Hi, thanks for looking into this. You can check my profile, I did some new SYSTM workouts which didn’t upload and didn’t use the workaround yet to get them inside so that you can do some debugging if you want.

Also thanks for the clipping tip. Didn’t notice it and even if I had I wouldn’t have guessed I could fix it by simply clicking the message.

I have logged a ticket with Wahoo support. Hopefully they get back to me.


@david looks like this might be fixed. Just had my first SYSTM cycling workout sync for a couple of weeks.

Thanks for getting it sorted👍🏼

Tx. They haven’t responded to my ticket but maybe they have fixed it.

@david I may have jumped the gun, yesterday’s synced today’s did not.

My sync with systm is working again since a week or so