Swim pace - how to exclude breaks?

I realized yesterday that my swim average pace (/100m) is calculated against the whole session, not taking into account moving time, like garmin connect or strava would do.
I recorded the .fit with Form Goggles, but I doubt it matters, as I tested also trainingpeaks and it does show average MOVING pace.
Example: Intervals.icu
Is there a way to calculate avg moving pace also in Intervals.icu? If so, I would suggest to make it default for swimming activities, as this is what all swimmers (at least the ones I know) look at.
Moreover, the slower pace affects my stress calculation (Intervals.icu = 45, TP = 58)

thanks a lot in advance, just 2 cents to make the tool even more effective for me!

I will have a look at this. Tx.