Show notes/comments in activities list view. Export notes/comments in activities csv

How do I get notes/comments on an activity to appear in the activity list view tab?
And how do I export these comments in the activity csv?

Explained with pictures below
How do I get post activity comments to show up here? Can’t find that option in column select.

And then…
Can I get these same post activity comments to export in the csv?

Not 100 % sure but I think they go to the Description field.

You can’t get the notes/ comments in the activity list currently. This has been asked for before.


Hmm, I can make the notes viewable in list view with the Description or Description LF field and I can filter on that field.
CSV export is only taking the activity name as a filter condition.

Description and comments are two different things though

Description is typically used to describe what’s required in a workout (rpm etc)

Notes/Comments are used post activity

Description and/or Description LF is not the notes/chat between coach and athlete.

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Ah, found the comments and chat near the bottom of the activity page. Sorry, never used that before.

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Btw., I’ve created a little standalone tool that creates a PDF of the Public and Private Notes from Strava:

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Hi @David
Is this something you might be able to implement please (have notes exported in the activities csv) or is it a lot of work to do so? It would be a very handy feature.
Thanks :wink:

Is this something that could be done? Would be very useful. Thanks

I am going to implement this. There are some tricky performance concerns to sort out. Does anyone have comments on a lot of activities so I can test it? Tx.

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I have comments in a lot of my activities since January this year. You can test it out from my data/account

On this @Gerald

  1. What’s Description LF?
  2. When creating a workout we can add in a description at the top of the workout as per screenshot below.

    But this description does not show up in the description field in the activities list view.

    The description shown in the activities list view can only be populated post workout completion.

Is that correct or am I missing something?

There are two descriptions showing in the column select.

The notes in your last screenshot is currently not available to view/download.

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I am currently working on making the “Notes” (comments) visible in the activity list view.


Thanks @david for starting wok on this

I probably didn’t explain myself correctly.
The notes in the screenshot below are the notes that appear in the description field in the activity list view tab (2nd screenshot below) but these ‘Notes’/‘Description’ can only be added after the activity is complete, effectively performing the same function at the ‘Comments’ section (3rd screenshot)

When a coach leaves a description of what’s to be done in a session on the workout builder (the only place he can leave a description of what’s to be done in a workout), eg, “2hrs easy but 15 mins threshold on the climb today” - that 'description is only shown on the workout builder and not visible in the description field on the activity list view? The description shown in activity list view must be added after the session is complete and subsequently serves no purpose that the comment section already serves?

That description is only visible on the builder and doesn’t transfer as a description on the activity list view

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You can now add a “Notes” column to the activity list view.


Thanks for this @david
Much appreciated

Can you please have a quick look at my post above? The ‘description’ column in the activity list view is the ‘description’ that can be added only after activity completion. It kind of serves the same purpose as the ‘Notes/Comments’. Would it be possible to be able to input a description when building the workout that will also be viewable in the activity list view?

And will these ‘Notes/Comments’ be available to download in the activity csv or is that a big workload to implement?


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Overwriting the activity description using the workout description would be a bit dangerous. Lots of people fill in stuff there on Strava.

I will get the notes into the CSV soon. I might also add a CSV download to the activity list view.


Oh. Now I understand it. All makes sense. I didn’t realize that was a Strava thing! No problem. Thanks for getting back on this