Recent issue syncing

Not sure if I screwed something up but a few days ago my rides done on trainer stopped syncing to intervals. My flow is basically everything (trainer road/ head unit) to garmin connect and then from there to intervals and to strava. It was working previously and now is no longer getting the data to intervals. I can see the trainer road workout I’ve just completed in garmin connect and it looks like both garmin and intervals settings are correct but the data is not getting there. I’m an idiot about this stuff so its probably my fault, but I’d appreciate some advice!

I can see calls being made to backfill your data from Garmin but it doesn’t look like anything is coming back. Could you please try disconnect from Garmin Connect (click red icon below) and re-connect:

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 21.46.34

Thanks for investigating David. I had tried previously but I disconnected and reconnected again just now.

Hi! I’ve also got issues with syncing from Garmin today. No changes in settings or so. :slight_smile:
My activity from this evening is not syncing

Mine was synched. No problems over here.

One more that today has not synchronized with garmin, until yesterday everything perfect

I will be looking at this on Friday. Mine are still syncing fine but its a hint that this problem is impacting multiple people. Garmin must have changed something.


No stress from my side, enjoy the easter David :slight_smile:

Not piling on, just an FYI. My ride yesterday did not sync from Garmin Connect. I did manually download/upload and wrote it off as a temporary glitch.

Same here, no sync and uploaded manually.

Again, I don’t want to pile on but my ride from last night is present in GC but didn’t sync over.

More reports the better. Tx. I am also hoping this is a temp issue. I haven’t changed anything and there have been such issues before.

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I will manually import rides and hopefully whatever weirdness is happening is limited to a few of us and a short period of time!
Thanks David

Same sync issue with me. My ride from yesterday (Wednesday, March 31) is not showing up here.

Same non-sync from Garmin for April 1 ride; even after disconnect/reconnect to Garmin’s service.

Same issue, yesterday fine, today no sync

Hello, I am also having the same issue syncing my activities. This error sign is appearing: .

And, according my Garmin Connect app, “” is no longer listed as a “Connected App”.

Thank you for your help, David!

Not sure how that happened. You need to disconnect and reconnect in /settings.

Made some tests with Garmin syncing, in my case it only syncs the next 6 days. Planned workouts from day 7 are not synced.

BR Stefan

Tried to export a GPX from Garmin and upload to Intervals, got a java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException