Readiness field added to wellness

You are now able to capture readiness data from Oura, HRV4Training etc. Click “Fields” on the Wellness dialog and tick the readiness box to enable.

You can also plot readiness on the fitness page.


Nice to hear from you. Always expected you to be behind some of the stuff.

nice feature, btw how can i send data from HRV4Training to ?

I did contact them a while ago. They don’t have an API and build integrations themselves. does have an API for wellness updates so they could do it (and send HRV info) but is probably not big enough (yet!).

Hi David,
I really appreciate what you are doing!
I am using Test HRV app from Garmin Connect store Connect IQ Store | Free Watch Faces and Apps | Garmin
Any chance to add rule to to read from this particular activity? Because see this activity as normal one (not seeing HRV rMSSD data).
I can send you .FIT file as an example if you want :).

Ok please email me ( a file. I can’t promise I will be able to support it but will have a look.