Preparation for a blood lactate test

Hi folks.
Going to do my very first blood lactate test on Wednesday 7th Dec. (2 days away)
Any advice on how I should prepare myself in the days to come? EG, rest or normal training?
An experienced coach will be doing it so the actual test is no problem.

Have you asked the coach, facilitating the test, for advice?

No I forgot and he’s difficult to get hold of as he is a coach at our local Sports collage and is doing it as a favour to me.

I’ve done mine (2 tests) in a recovery week, in a fasted state. The sports science Lab Technician recommended doing it about 14-15 hours after my last meal. That way there is less contribution of glycolsis energy system, and it also gives an idea of the resting level.

I’m outsourcing testing for my athletes, until I get to a point where I have my own equipment and have practiced on some of them. So my comment is based on my experience having done 2 and watched about 20.

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Thanks Gerald. I had a planned rest day yesterday, but I think based on what you are saying it won’t hurt to rest today as well. Perhaps fasted is also a good idea.

What do you do before a hard day? I would do the same. Perhaps an endurance ride; you’d want to keep moving, but not overly fatigued.

A lactate test isn’t hard, you’re starting off very easy and going to up to a point just beyond LT2. A VO2max test is much harder as you’re going to failure.

Thanks again Gerald. Yes, I realise the test isn’t hard, I was mainly concerned that I am going into it in the best possible way and wasn’t carrying any fatigue that would affect the result, in order to make sure they are as accurate as possible. I have purchased a lactate tester so once I have watched and learnt how the coach does it, I will be able to do my own testing on a more regular basis. First time for most things is always a bit nerve racking. :see_no_evil:

Just remember that your result is not an absolute value, but rather closer than trying to estimate it using a max effort in the field. You could do two tests on different days, and get two different results.

Enjoy the test, and more importantly enjoy training in the right levels/zones as a result of the test.

The problem, for me, is the availability of test strips (locally), and their shelf life. Seems the local agents aren’t really interested in the small volume and never have stock.

Thanks I’m looking forward to it. And yes understand the tests aren’t absolute and as you say, better than the estimate I’m using now.
Where do you live that getting hold of strips is so difficult?
I live in Norway, doesn’t seem to be a problem here, although they are ridiculously expensive. Mind you they do come in super large amount boxes.

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In South Africa

I envy you your summer. Minus 10 where I live today :cold_face: