Pre-planning workouts

Hi all - I have been playing around for a few days now and I have a question about pre-planning workouts.

I love the idea that I can create and setup workouts in the future to get an idea of fitness, form etc. My question is a simple one; if I pre-create a workout and then complete that workout on another app, is there a way to automatically detect that workout was completed in intervals and assign all the relevant data, or does it need to be completed manually?

Say for example I schedule a FTP Ramp Test on Trainerday and then complete that activity. How will intervals know what to do with it?

Thanks - and I hope this isn’t a stupid question

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Once you complete the workout (that is present on calendar) and have it synced to intervals, the workout will automatically match as long as it meets some of the criteria (not sure what exactly).

It doesn’t matter what app you use to execute the workout.

eg: I can push the FTP Ramp Test Workout from TrainerDay to and then have this workout sync’ed directly to the BreakAway: IndoorTraining App, execute the workout via the app and once completed, the completed workout will auto-sync to DropBox/Strava/ and intervals will pick it up and pair it w/ the FTP Ramp Test workout.

If you do not upload the workout to, then you can also manually “mark as completed” within


Ahhh this is fantastic! So I can prepare my weeks and make sure fitness and form all look good and then when I complete the work out in Garmin or Trainerday it’ll populate automagically!

You rock!

Just one last question - what do you use to pre-plan running workouts?

The workout editor to make detailed workouts and send them to your device.
Or the “Add calendar entry” function to add a Run and define the load/distance/time manually, where Load is the only one needed to populate the Fitness chart.

BTW: if your activity isn’t automatically matched to the planned workout, you can drag one on the other to force them to match.

NOt sure I understand.
Running or cycling workouts, just use the workout builder. But I don’t do structured workouts for running.

Oh maybe I am missing a workout builder in Intervals! I don’t see an option for that on the left

Click on an empty space on your calendar and create a new workout…then go to town. This thread will help…


Oh shoot! How’d I miss that :rofl: Thank you!