Power vs heart rate progression, should I focus on long or short high power now

I recently sort of began to understand the power vs heart rate graph. I always believed I had poor endurance and a sort of good short power but looking at the power vs heart rate graph it seems I should be focusing more on short power to progress. Am I right?

If you are in Western Europe, and I think you are because you have intervals displayed in Dutch, it is winter season. There is no reason to do anaerobic training now, unless you are competing in a Winter discipline (cyclocross?).
Do more base and add some sweetspot, threshold once or twice a week to keep the stimulus. Anaerobic power is for the peak phase.


I’m doing trainer road. Last year I did sustained power build but now I was thinking of doing short power build which includes mainly vo2max and threshold work not anaerobic followed by either sustained power build or sweet spot base again

And yes I am in the Netherlands

Most importantly - what are your goals? That will guide your training plan and periodisation approach.

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My goal is to be able to cycle to work faster (16-26km one way) so I can wake up later :joy:

But seriously no goal except for general fitness and the enjoyment of going fast on my road bike here on the flats

What does fast mean to you?
What would your heart rate (% of max) be for each ride?


Trainer road is very intense and hugely SweetSpot orientated. If you want better general fitness then now is the time of year to really work on your base. This will include at least 1 long ride a week at low intensity. How low is low? Basically you can’t go slow enough :joy:. I’m talking Z1 to low Z2 rides 2-4 hours.
Of course there is a place for SS and tempo and these all need to be included in any plan but it’s imperative that you get in that long spin in any training week.
You’ll think you’re getting nowhere and weeks and weeks will pass and you’ll think you’re not improving but you are. Trust the process.
If long term fitness and health is the goal then give it time.
Absolutely zero need to be doing anaerobic efforts this time of year

Base training is for summer for me. I don’t race and in summer I just like to ride (and I pay attention to my HR and power).

Anyway looking at my power to heart rate progression it seems that after a certain power (+/- > 200W) I made no progression, my heart rate even seems to be higher, really the curve seems to be almost vertical from somewhere between 200-220 in spite of all the long and slow I tried (as well as trainer road’s experimental polarised program)

Push from low end or pull from above, which would be better for me now…