Power and HR targets for Garmin workouts

You can now specify power and HR targets for workout steps (default is lap power and lap HR):

This sorts out the issue with HR steps not working on Garmin watches (well at least some of them). You need to choose “Instant HR” (hr=1s in the text):

  • warmup 30s 50% LTHR hr=1s
  • Wibble 20m 78% LTHR hr=1s
  • cooldown 30s 40% LTHR hr=1s


Hi David and thanks a lot for the job :+1:
Sorry for my english​:joy::joy:

I tried this mode with my stryd in run mode but i think that the tryd don’t send the power to the screen target in my fenix5 :cry:
However the feld is Well enable with ConnectIQ

Thanks !

Tx :slight_smile: your english is fine!

Unfortunately i don’t think that will work … intervals.icu sends the steps of the workout to Garmin Connect and GC generates the file for the device … it’s not likely to have support for connect IQ fields.

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