Planned workouts with wahoo - Now Supported

So TrainerDay has finally turned off sending workouts to Training Peaks on a free account. That was my last way to get workouts onto my wahoo from

What’s the flow now? Is USB cable the only option left?

And yes, I’ve sent wahoo messages again. They don’t seem to care.


I’m currently using a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. I also signed up for TP (free membership). TP synchronizes the daily workout to the Bolt. Now I installed the Pillar app based on a recommendation from the forum here. Unfortunately, I cannot synchronize the training plans created for me there on the Bolt.
There I would have the option to export the plans as files (ERG or MRC). I could then copy them to the Bolt via USB, although I currently don’t know whether this feature still works. In any case, it is quite uncomfortable and inconvenient. Does anyone have other suggestions about this?
Why can TrainingPeaks sync plans to Wahoo but no one else? I just want to focus on training and not waste my precious time copying files back and forth.

TrainerDay can sync to TP and then to Wahoo.
AFAIK, this is the only one who can.

I tried to get TP access but was told “we are not accepting new API partners for the time being”

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So, how is TrainerDay compared to Pillar? I like the “workouts are generated for your goal based on your current data/fitness” thing in Pillar.

Hi, I am the creator of TrainerDay so probably not the best source of that answer :slight_smile: partially because while I tested out Pillar I did not really use it. In my limited testing I saw Pillar provides dynamic or adaptive training, meaning your plan changes as you go. They also have their specific thinking around how training should be done, which I did not get a clear sense of. It seemed a bit of Xert like thinking but I am not so sure.

TrainerDay is very different than this. We don’t provide adaptive training but instead provide a lot of options/tools for you to train the way you want and do your own dynamic adjustments. We are especially popular for indoor training because of our training app being similar to TrainerRoad but at the same time provide more flexible training options. Our Coach Jack plan builder is very flexible and the plans designed by top world tour pro coach Andrea Morelli. While Coach Jack let’s you crank the intensity to the level you want, it suggests lower intensity training which we feel is just as effective as higher intensity, but it depends on what you want. We also have 30,000+ user shared workouts in our library. You can try TrainerDay for free and find most of the features, but if you really want adaptive training then Pillar is probably the better choice.

Our workout progressions are the most logical in the industry. I can go into a long discussion why pure TSS based progressions make no sense. Not that TSS does not make sense but basing your progressions focused on TSS is not a good idea.

Read more about Coach Jack builder here

TrainerDay has close integrations with Intervals.


Contact Wahoo. Tell them you want support directly to your wahoo. I’ve been telling them I want this for a few years now, and they finally seem to have got the hint and say it might happen some day.

More people saying they want it is how it will happen. And hopefully sooner than the heat death of the universe.

That link 404s; I assume you mean:

Oops sorry, yes

I am fairly good friends with the lead developer on Wahoo’s Cloud/api team and a reasonable relationship with the product manager. I can say they have said I am sure this will be next quarter to me about 3-4 times. They can’t seem to get it prioritized so I would not put too many hopes on their “it might be soon.” I guess it should happen someday but who knows when.

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Thank you all for your answers. Maybe I’ll try TrainerDay. So I could sync my daily workout to TP and from there to Wahoo.
The integration of intervals is a nice feature but doesn’t help me with the planned workout sync issue.
Because my knowledge of cycling/endurance training is just on a basic level I hope that TrainerDay will “suggest” me training sessions which make sense for achieving my personal goals.
This is what I like at Pillar.

does anyone have the same problem. i download the workouts as erg or mrc file. after the synch every workout has the same name “sd-card plan”. and workouts i delete in the plans folder are still on my wahoo bolt v2. one week ago everything worked fine. :roll_eyes:


I think wahoo imports the workout into the internal database and uses always the same name (what makes no sense :thinking:)
I only used this feature one time, but I’ll the behaviour on my wahoo next time.
Probably you have to open up an issue at the wahoo support.

I allready wrote to wahoo support. I will let you know what they told me


Seeing the same issue. The most recent Bolt update caused this.

Good to know you also have the problem. Thanks. Hope wahoo will fix it soon. Every update has a new problem :see_no_evil:

What email address did you use to contact them?
Have you heard back?

For my reported issue I only got an automatic answer that they will take care of my problem.

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I don’t get an answer yet. Maybe today. You have to go to wahoo website and click support. Here you can contact them.

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i have an answer from wahoo support: “I’m sorry that the issue is occurring. The error is already known to us, and our developers are actively working on a solution.”


Just get yourself a Garmin to prompt the training segments, then your plan syncs flawless. I used a 530 and it smooth, as long you allow the unit to sync properly. Son does that USB thing for this Whaboo and thus cannot change workouts on the spot.

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