Planned workout power/HR/pace vs actual

The power, heart rate and pace charts on the activity timeline chart now show traces from the planned workout when one is paired:

You can adjust the offset in “Options” (“Workout” slider) to get the planned workout to lineup with the actual activity:


Great Work, THANKS!

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So happy to see this!

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Beautiful !
Question: would it be worth to use another color to have more contrast between the curves of the planned workout and the actual ride ? When they match closely, you can’t really distinguish one from the other; on the other side, maybe they would step on each other if there was too much contrast !?

Great update. Does this work with Trainer Road planned workouts? I’m looking at my workouts, e.g., 9/2/21 McAdie +1, and don’t see the TR intervals in the planned workout.

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Unfortunately doesn’t get the workout file from the TR calendar export. Just enough to extract the TSS and duration.

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Does this work if you’ve uploaded the “plan” workout AFTER the workout has actually been completed/uploaded?

I tried this, this morning. I picked an MRC workout file from my BreakAway App, Finished the workout, it auto-synced to Strava and then got pulled into

ONLY then I uploaded the actual MRC to I don’t see the workouts lined up tho.

I then tried an experiment. I deleted all workouts and plan.

  1. Manual Upload Completed Workout

  2. Manual Upload MRC workout
    → nothing gets lined up / is present (like your screenshot above)

  3. delete the Completed workout (MRC workout still there)

  4. RE-upload the completed workout
    → It works now.

Yes the planned workout needs to be on already. You can manually pair (drag planned workout onto activity) if you create the workout after the activity.

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Hi @david, there is an issue for “freeride” intervals, these are not taken into account in the chart as you can see in this activity :
Both the first 15min freeride interval and the last 15min freeride one are not shown in the graph, which starts with the first intensity interval.

Thank you !!


Fixed. Tx for the report.

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