Patreon is out, Stripe is in

I have implemented Stripe subscriptions in So now you can support the site just by entering your card details and selecting a currency (USD or EUR) and don’t have to leave the site and register with Patreon or anywhere else or have a Paypal account. You can cancel anytime.

The billing is $12 or €10 every 3 months. So same as the $4/month Patreon suggestion but transaction fees are less with quarterly billing.

Why the change? Patreon take almost 20% in fees and Paypal some random (potentially large) amount depending on where you are in the world. Plus flagging people as supporters is all manual and takes time away from development.

Stripe charges for a UK company ( Ltd):
1.4% + 20p for European cards
2.9% + 20p for for non-European cards

So thats why it is $12 per 3 months instead of $4/month.

If you are supporting the site on Patreon and want to continue doing that you don’t have to change anything (and thanks very much to all of you!). However if you would like more of your contribution to go to please switch to Stripe (there is a button on the /settings page) near the end of the month and cancel Patreon.

If you have donated via PayPal don’t worry about any of this until the site starts reminding you :slight_smile: I credited everyone with approx 1 month of supporter per $4 donation. If I missed anyone please let me know!

Thanks again to everyone on Patreon and everyone who has donated so generously!


Hi david, we have switched to Stripe, do we have to cancel Patreon somewhere too? Where do I do that?

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All switched over to Stripe now. :smiley:

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@Berit_Gunnarsen - - I just did that also (I mean cancel patreon and switched to Stripe)

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Hi Spinetrak - thanks that worked

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done! :wink:

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Switched :slight_smile:

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Just switched. Happy to contribute $12 towards the best cycling analytics site… IMO

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Switched. Easy enough.

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Is it possible to do a single donation once every while using Stripe? (Instead of an automatic billing.)

I’ve switched, but have some security questions respect storing of payment info. Where is the card information stored, is this in a third party secure service?

Tx. never sees any card information, its all held and processed by Stripe. They are number 2 in the world at this (after Paypal). I will add a note to the payment dialog.


I know. I’m dumb. Can anybody tell me how to switch to Stripe ? And how to support @david on Stripe ? It was easy with Patreon, there was a link on the About page on

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I’m sure it’s on your list, if so, this is just a reminder to update the about page. I went there looking for a Stripe link.

EDIT: I just saw @Gousti_Fruit’s message mentioning it too. Sorry for piling on.

Is there a way to make additional donation in Stripe? I added it, but keeping Patreon as well for now.

Me too.

You need to go to the settings page in I have just updated the about page (tx @Theo_Bromine).

Thanks very much. I might change “Supporter” to “Domestique” and add some higher tiers at some point :slight_smile:

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Super easy. Done.

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