Multiple tabs on /fitness page now supports multiple tabs of charts on the /fitness page:

Each tab has is own options and selected custom charts and so on. Choose Options → Edit tab to change the name of the current tab or move it left or right:

This is more info on this thread:


Awesome!!! I think this will be a gamechanger. Sports/purposed-based tabs, woohoo. Thanks David!


Brilliant. Thank you David

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Magnifique !


Cool, thanks for this! Would it be an option to use different ranges per tab? I tried it but if you change the range of one tab the other tabs follow…


Different sports based tabs…of course! Thanks for that…as a Triathlete I can now build all my graphs via each discipline.

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Thanks David

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Tx @david good job

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Awesome :clap:… Will this feature be available on the compare page as well ?

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Great stuff!. Can we move a chart from one tab to another or do we have to create a new chart on the new tab?

There´s a list of all charts in Options. You decide what chart is active on each tab.

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Yes I will be doing this for the compare page. That actually needs quite a bit of work because it isn’t using the “custom items repository” like the others yet.

YESSSSSSSSS!!! I asked for this feature in Feb, so happy to see it! Thanks David :smiley:

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Happen with someone the Fitness TAB “break/change/gone” ? or i did something wrong?

Are you on the first tab?
If you are on non-configured tab, you would only see the Fitness chart as in your screenshot.

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i fixed , what is not broken"! (hahaha) ; i Change my settings for SKierg and Row to Power/Pace/HR , so its look like my Fitness was over 100 or really below (Pace/power/hr) - i still dont know what i will decided to do with Ski and Rowing (looksw like have some issues with data , like 500m for 19Sec ! - and Power Curves dont show for Rowing)

You should get power curves for rowing if you capture an FTP and zones for rowing in /settings. You need to add a new sport for rowing if you haven’t already.

I looked at this but I can’t figure out how to built a 1 sport only fitness chart. I can reproduce the standard chart but still for all activities. Can’t filter.

Is there a guide on how to create per sport fitness charts?

There is very disturbing bug on creating custom chart to tab.
When you create a chart and add a plot that should show you power data values it shows heart rate values instead of power.
In picture between those green lines Z and SS values should show you power values instead of HR values, because there are specific HR Z values for purpose.
I hope you can fix this ASAP.

The Z1, Z2 etc use power, HR or pace zones for each activity separately depending on how the sport is configured and what is available on the activity. For myself I don’t have a PM on my MTB so then it uses the HR data. On my road bike it uses power data. I have configured this for “Ride” in /settings: