Moving all lap intervals by a few seconds?

Is there a simple way to move all lap intervals by 4 seconds?

I do all of my structured workouts in Trainer Day slope mode and it takes my turbo trainer approx 4 seconds to adjust the slope to get me to the required power output. So at the moment I have to manually adjust each interval start & end time individually by 4 seconds to get meaningful data.

Many thanks for any help or and comments/suggestions.

Click on the summary info above the interval. It opens the box where you can adjust the start time, interval length and the end time.

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Thanks for that Gerald.

I have just tried your suggestion and it works great for that one interval,

I wonder if there is a way to make it also move all subsequent intervals by the same number of seconds without having to edit each interval individually?

Did you follow a structured workout with laps on your recording device? You can use the “use laps” function.

From what I understand, he wants to move all intervals by 4 sec up because the turbo has a response time around 4 sec. So I don’t think there is a solution. You can’t do that for multiple intervals at the same time.

I am curious to understand how this affects the workout session. Or it doesn’t just that the interval averages/power etc are going to be “off” by that 4 seconds and that is just something that you do not want?

(essentially, as I understand it, it will be slower by 4 seconds at the start, but it will also be 4 secs slower at the end, so if the effort was supposed to be 1m at 2% slope, then you will actually get 1m at 2%.)

Hi app4g

Spot on. Just looking to “off set” by 4 seconds the intervals so that I can compare them with the planned session. I currently do a lot of blocks with typically 5-8mins of 88% with multiple Vo2 spikes for 15 seconds after each 15 or 30 seconds at 88%.

Shifting the intervals for a traditional Vo2 session of say 6 x 3 minutes is a a lot less time consuming than what I am currently focussing on which could have over 150 intervals within the session.

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To offset against a planned workout, go to options (bottom of the screen) then Workout. You can scroll the time left or right to suit or type the value in.

Thanks Gerald

That is so close to the solution!!! Moving the workout by 4 seconds makes the power data and planned workout line up beautifully but unfortunately the workout lap times remain in the original location and do not move with the diagrammatic profile of the planned workout.

Thanks for your suggestions and thoughts which have been really helpful.

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I added an option to edit all the intervals completely visible on the chart. Actions → Edit Intervals.


Wow … absolutely fantastic!!!

I have just tried it and it works perfectly. Your care & attention is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much David.


Thanks for your feedback. Now I understand the use case and it is indeed quite useful.

I have coded up support for user defined Trainer Lag compensation. (Up to 10secs). Hence in your case, putting it at 4secs, the app will send the Next Power Target (Slope% or Watt) per the structured workout to the smart trainer 4 seconds earlier so it will sync to the Next Lap Start.

Will send it to the Apple App Store in the next release cycle.


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