Leaving Zwift, prefer some more guidance and usefull plans

Hi All,

I started with Zwift about 8 months ago. Was fun, followed some training plans but what is available is very limited. Would like some more guidance, for example on resting periods and better targetted plans.

Right now looking at TrainerDay en Xert. Which would be more appropriate?

Data: 54 years old, 98 Kgs, 2m long (so some weight loss would not do any harm ;)). According to Garmin Connect VO2max (cycling) = 45 (could use increasin this very well, due to a lot of skiing in a physically challenging way), “fitness age 26” hahaha. eFTP (intervals) = 255

Indoor training (winter) on a Tacx Flux S Smart, Garmin Phoenix 5X smartwatch, Garmin HRM-dual, app would prefer on IOS. No power meter available on road-bike.

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Hi Edwin,

I’m searching for the same.
Zwift disappoints me more and more.


Hi Florent, ok, we wait for the experts together :wink: where are you from?

I’m not expert or coach, but I have tried using TraingPeaks, Sufferfest and TrainingRoad to get a training plan which suites me.

All these have training plans. But the common idea of these are, more or less, “one size fits all”. Which is not true.

If you want to have a training plan adapted specifically for you, probably you have to get a coach. Or be your own coach. There are lot of information on how to train in books and on the net.

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From France =)

Haha, found you on fvb I think GFlorent, Galibier in sept '19? :wink:

@Makku_Siipola think we’ll just have to try some then. This stuff for me is not so serious that I could justify getting a coach. Main target is fitness in general, especially in Covid-times :wink:

I recommend books by Joe Friel and pages/writings of John Hughes (https://coach-hughes.com).

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Perhaps source a plan from somewhere else then import into Zwift? My approach is to use fastcat, which syncs structured workout to TrainingPeaks, which Zwift then picks up. You then have the benefit of a good plan and a world in which to workout when you don’t have a structured workout planned. Zwift’s structured workouts are a joke, BTW, but Zwift beats the hell out of TR where you just plod along following a graph.

Just did first on Xert. Works nice!

Hey guys, sorry for the silly question, but how do you send a planning (many workouts) to Zwift or Tack training?