Leaving TP/Garmin for AppleWatch/Intervals.icu

Hi all,

so I have decided that since the Apple Watch seems to be giving 99% accurate HR readings I was going to get rid of my garmin watch and attempt to get rid of my garmin bike computer and HR strap and even my phone, to only use an apple watch cellular to go out riding !

Also my TP subscription is expiring soon, and I actually like the workout editor on intervals.icu better !

I’ve done a little bit of research, so it seems I can use healthFit to sync all my health data to Intervals.icu (resting HR, weight, etc… I’d love to find out what to whisper to siri’s ear to run an HRV test or add a weigh-in, but that’s another subject !)

Now my question is, I’ve listed a few apps like Navigr8 or Cyclemeter to record my activities since the native app doesn’t support powermeters (booooh !), but they don’t show in the list of supported apps by Intervals.icu.
Out of curiosity, what apps do you use to run the workouts that you create and plan in your Intervals.icu calendar on the Apple watch ?

Cheers :wink:

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As far as I know it is not currently possible to push workouts to the Apple Watch (@slizeray please confirm). HealthFit will sync things back to Intervals.icu. I don’t know if HealthFit can sync activities from other apps?

As long as the other app writes the workout into Apple Health than HealthFit syncs the activity. I use Athylytic to record workouts on my AW which are then written into Health and show up/sync through HealthFit.

Thanks, I’m looking at that app, looks interesting, but doesn’t seem to be able to load workouts from my intervals.icu plan to then run them from the watch ?

I do not believe any app can do that. I thought i had seen in a few reviews of watchOS9 that you have to create the workouts on the watch or in the fitness app? I don’t run so honestly have not paid attention to how to do the workouts.

Quick google search found this: How to use custom workouts and workout views on your Apple Watch - MyHealthyApple

For me it’s for cycling, seems a bit silly that we can create workouts only from the native apps but they don’t link to power meters :sweat_smile:

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The Breathe app on Apple Watch will record HRV during the session. I use that in the mornings for analysis with HRV4Training.

I recorded my first activity this morning on the Apple Watch, through Navigr8 (which I didn’t find so gr8 for cycling in terms of data displayed on the screen) and IsmoothRun which seems much better.

Now syncing to Intervals.icu through HealthFit I have no power data. If I sync to Trainingpeaks straight from IsmoothRun I have power data. Does HealthFit support power meter data for you guys ? My idea was to ditch training peak, not use it as an intermediate between my watch and intervals.icu :’(

I see ISmoothRun and Intervals.icu both support dropbox, I’ll try that if good all strava isn’t just the solution I needed. Went away from Strava when it wasn’t syncing laps properly to intervals.icu, but I always manually edit them anyways !

Any luck with syncing iSmoothRun to intervals.icu ? Which format are you using (tcx ?)
Looking to get rid of Strava as an intermediate too…