JSON Workout Upload

Would it be possible to add support for JSON or FIT structured workout uploads? That way we could upload JSON of the different workout formats and have the ability to upload structured workouts of sports other than cycling (i.e. running, swimming, strength). FIT probably takes a lot of effort but you can download a JSON of the different workouts now so I assume the backend interprets JSON already, could just require that format.

I am going to do FIT soon for upload and download of workouts. I am not sure what supporting JSON would add? You can just upload the workout text format instead?

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Yeah text would work, what is the format for that? Right now I can see it only supports ERG, MRC and ZWO files. Also if FIT is coming soon I can wait for that, thank you for the response!

Upload in text format is exactly the same as you would enter in the Intervals.icu web app.