Invalid ignore part? [solved]

I’m trying to ignore HR for a walk.
Activity/Actions/Ignore Part/Ignore heart rate data → Invalid ignore part.

I’ve ignored HR data for various activities previously, why is the error occurring this time?

I think you need to use settings/ then ignore HR, (just above the ignore part).

Doesn’t the settings change the default behaviour for all such activities?

If you go to your activity, then actions (bottom right) and then settings, and select ignore HR. It will only apply to the activity selected.

If you want to do more than one at the same time, the list view is used. Select the activities (one or more), then edit, update settings, ignore HR.

Why is there a Settings (Ignore) and an Ignore Part?

One is to ignore the whole activity, and the other to ignore a part/section of the activity.


Thanks for the clarification. I understand the difference now. I misunderstood to what ‘part’ was referring. Some of my confusion arose from not realising that ‘Ignore Part’ functionality is a newer implementation that wasn’t present when I last ignored a metric in an activity.

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