I wondor my eftp is correct

Hi i had ftp indoor test with flat pedals about a month ago and got 4.5w/kg , though i was not used to do pedalings indoor. And outdoor eftp was about 4.6, untill i did some intervals in 3~5minutes, with 6.2~6.4w/kg.After the intervals , eftp was rocketed to 4.95, 312and W’was about 21000 . I wondor this estimation of ftp is correct. I want to believe this is right, since I heard that untrained indoor ftp is 10percent less than outdoor one. Thanks for your analyzation

What is your eFTP minimum duration set at? If it is still at 180sec, I suggest you set it at 270sec. That way, the 3min intervals will not be used to estimate the eFTP but the 5min intervals will be used. If you have a high anaerobic component, this will influence eFTP too much. Try it to see the difference.
Your power curve looks a bit strange because you don’t have any long duration hard efforts. It falls quickly after 2hr. You have quite high values for anything between 2 and 5 minutes, but all the rest isn’t really matching these high values.