How does everyone sync smo2 date? Can I upload smo2 .csv data?

Hi, i have downlaoded the data from the moxy portal as csv. Just wonder if I can upload that to my session? Cheers.

Just an update, I tried to convert the csv to fit or other formats and reupload. But it didn’t work. Just wonder how everyone uploads there smo2 data? Do you guys do it through Garmin connect? Is there a manual way to do it?

Try here…

and no, I do not believe you can upload a CSV and have it added to the existing data stream. You need to have the data merged into the FIT file somehow.

Cheers mate, thanks for the help. Will hv a look

For my Moxys, I use Garmin with the ConnectIQ app. That’s the easiest way to integrate the sensor data into the FIT file.

Otherwise, I have manually added CSV data to a FIT file often with my metabolic cart data. I bought a copy of FitFileRepairTool that allows me to incorporate CSV data as a Developer field so it can be used on the various platforms. It’s an option.

Right got you, I just figured out that I can download .fit file from the moxy portal and merge it with the workout file. but encountered another problem which is the timeline isn’t lining up.

But at least i am seeing the datas together.

Its quite annoying cause i use zwift and it doesnt support moxy. So i use the moxy portal aside and end up with 2 separate files.

I am planning to add support for uploading activity stream data from CSV files soon but right now you need to get it into the fit file.

Hi David, just wonder if there is a function that I can manually move the SMO2 data to the right? I tried maybe tools online but it didn’t workout, apparently the tool just cropped it and I don’t know why (Not sure if the workout data override the smo2 data).

No. There currently isn’t this capability.

Ok thanks mate.

So now i tried a few tools and they didn’t workout. And I decided to upload the moxy data as a separate workout (Bike is from zwift & Lunch walk is the same bike session from the moxy portal). I looked up and there used to be a merge button for workouts. Just wonder if it still exist?

Screenshot 2024-07-09 120539

There has never been a ´Merge´ function for activities.
You can only pair a planned workout with an activity.
Please stop cross-posting. I´m working with the fit files you sent me and will probably have a solution later today.

Ok thanks Ill keep it here.

I think this is what you were after:

Resulting FIT file was sent as response on your mail.

Some difficulties that I had to resolve:

  • You can’t ‘timeshift’ the Moxy data FIT file because timeshifting with Gotoes looses the dev-data. So I had to timeshift the Zwift file which just has standard data streams
  • You need the licensed version of Gotoes (pretty small donation) to merge everything to a FIT file, because there’s no other data-format that supports dev data.
  • There is about halfway the data a huge speed artefact. If you want something to become visible on the speed plot, set a max for the speed axis at for example 20 m/s which translates to 72km/hr.

Next time, make sure that your Zwift PC and your Moxy device are adjusted for the correct Time-Zone. Then you can quite simply merge them with a licensed Gotoes.

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Yes absolutely!