How do I set up custom charts and the calendar so coached athletes see what I see?

I’ve been using intervals for a little while and gradually moving coached athletes across.
I was thinking they would be seeing the fitness charts I set up and the details on the calendar (such as custom fitness plots on calendar)
I’ve just realised they don’t all see what I see & am not sure how to make it possible.
I know a template or standardised charts has been requested, which would be a great starting point.
I just need to know what my coached athletes are seeing for when I reference any charts or data when I’m chatting to them. Some would respond well to seeing everything I do, others only want the basics.

One way to do this is save your (custom) chart, then share it. In the share option, it shows Private/Followers/Public.

I guess the next step would be to include an option to coached athletes, but David has already [mentioned] (The coach's tick - #10 by david) that an athlete might have multiple coaches, so it makes it harder (more complicated) to implement.

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Thanks @Gerald .

I was really hoping to avoid asking athletes to set up their own fitness charts and custom fitness plots (and then providing how-to instructions and troubleshooting).
Even if I share them they still have to do some work getting the page just right.

As a coach, I feel that’s part of my job to provide them with the best set up to help with planning/analysis and provide the best environment to work together.
With such an amazing platform that can be customised and individualised to each athletes situation, allowing the coach to set up the charts and calendar makes perfect sense to me and would make the best platform I’ve used 10x better.

Maybe if there was an option for the athlete to give permission to a coach to do a more individualised set up?

I’m not sure how many athletes have multiple coaches so I don’t know if that’s a good work around.
Perhaps when there are multiple coaches they could collaborate with each other to create the best structure and then one of them implement it?

You may already be working on something similar or found it can’t work this way, but do either of these options seem feasible @david?
I do understand that so much work goes into all the features and what may seem like a small change to those requesting may require so much more work ‘under the hood’.

I’m also really looking forward to seeing how the Coach’s tick will work. I think that would be a great new feature (to add to the list of great features) :grinning:.


For fitness plots adding a way to share tabs or “add tab to athlete” might work. Coach’s tick is nearly done.


An ‘add to athlete’ tab would be amazing.
It would really allow a great level of individualisation.

If a coach can set and then know that the athlete will see the same charts on the fitness page, and it can be individualised for each athlete, that would be perfect.

Can’t wait to see the Coach’s tick :grinning: