How do I mark a Ride as a Race


I know you can select a given future ride and mark it as a race so that it shows as a red dot in the fitness tab. However, after I do a race (say a Zwift Race), how can I go and select it and mark it as a race so that it still shows as a red dot?


That would be done in Strava…

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Is there anyway that we can mark a virtual ride as a race? Unfortunately, Strava doesnt let you mark a Zwift Race as a Race, but i would like to keep track of the races in the Fitness and Activities with the red dot. Any way we can do that in this side?

I don’t think I can do that through the API (if it is possible its not documented). However you could try change the activity type to “Ride” in and then go to Strava and see if you can make it a race, then change it back to “Virtual Ride”. It might keep the race setting.

I had the same problem… never find out how to “fix” it :slight_smile:
if you find a way please report here :wink:


Unfortunately, that didn’t work. In fact, changing the activity to a ride in didnt seem to do anything… it was back to virtual ride when I went back to the activities page.
I didn’t realize that this was an issue or part of the API from Strava.

Is it possible to create a separate drop down inside to identify which activities you want to highlight in red in the Fitness page? For example, major big rides etc.
I know I can do a work around to this with the “sick or notes” which do appear in the fitness page and Calendar…

It turns out that Strava does accept changing the workout_type to race via the API however I don’t know if that will work for a VirtualRide. I will deploy the front-end change tonight and you can see if it works.

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The edit activity name dialog now has a race checkbox. See if that works. It works for my rides and my wife’s runs. If it doesn’t I will make this an specific field so at least will have the correct info.

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This method isn’t working for me. still not showing up red on calendar or fitness chart

Could you please post a link to that activity so I can have a look. Tx.

ok so I think I have found the issue. I go to edit the ride (under the ride title), and chose to categorise it as a race. when I press ok, and return to the calendar it does not appear red, and when I return to the ride and go to edit the name again the box is now unchecked.

Basically the website is failing to save/update the category of ride as a race.

I think that is because it is a “Virtual ride”. Basically it asks Strava to update the ride but accepts whatever comes back as “the truth”. So if Strava doesn’t do it then your change will be undone.

ok that’s frustrating as strava won’t let me change from virtual ride to ride (I’m guessing any zwift files get automatically reprocessed to virtual ride files).

so is there currently no way to classify zwift race files as races on

I have just changed things so once an activity has been marked as a race on it will stay that way even if Strava says it is not a race. Will deploy Wed AM (GMT+2).

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Hi David, this worked for me for a while but it reverted to the same behavior reported by Jimmy.
On virtual rides the Race tick is not saved so it doesn’t display red in the activities view.
I don’t really care if Strava accepts this back, if I can see it flagged as Race in Intervals is very good for me.
The last time I was able to flag a virtual activity as Race was on 15th April.
Example of recent activity that I can’t flag :

Tx. I think I have sorted this out.

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