Garmin training readiness

There is a field in the wellness box called readiness, but this does not appear as an import option in the garmin settings. How is this populated?

I have the new 955, is it possible to import some of the other new metrics too? Not sure if these are part of the API or not.

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I think it’s coming from Dropbox, where normally people use HRV4Training to get that value from.

What new metrics from 955? HRV? HRV Status?

Training readiness, Acute load, hrv data, stress, recovery time, body battery etc.

I just checked the latest Garmin Health API documentation and there is no mention of “readiness”, “recovery time”, “body battery” etc… There is some new HRV stuff: lastNightAvg and lastNight5MinHigh. Not sure how useful that is. I haven’t managed to get anything out of the night time HRV data from my Oura ring.

I hope you do integrate this as I am looking to switch from Oura Ring to Garmin for night time HRV with the new HRV status Garmin is releasing.

See more here → Garmin Revamps Training Readiness Abilities and HRV STATUS

The overnight HRV average is the key one they’ve added it seems. This is now the key HRV reading from Garmin, used for training readiness.

Steps would be quite cool to include too.

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I calculate my own readiness from my Garmin watch as body battery - recovery time, taken just before I ride. I’m interested to see how this looks over time

I have added some logging I should see what Garmin sends through for this. does get HRV from health snapshots already but I hope if someone is using the night time stuff they won’t be doing those?

Yeah the health snapshot is mostly a waste of time now, unless you have interest in the SPO2 part.

Side note, Marco’s views on this development from Garmin in this thread.

Hmm the API docs don’t say the “lastNightAvg” is SDNN or rMSSD.