Garmin connect widget

Before I go down this rabbit hole, how much demand would there be for a garmin connect glance/widget showing (initially) your high level data?

I’m thinking: fitness/form/fatigue, eFTP, next session as a starting point.

What key information would you like to see?


That looks cool!


Why isn’t online now :joy::sob:looks very cool

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I would enjoy playing with this. I am not sure it is crucial, but certainly would be good. Thank you.
PS I’d pay a few dollars for it.


Personally I’d care more about Ramp and Load for example. Than next session.

But the FIT FAT Form numbers/style on that widget glance look really good. Like that.


I’ve got this working as a glance with fit/fat/form. Form changes colour with the percentage to match intervals. When you click through to the widget details you also get eFTP.

I need to add a bit more to the widget page, and then look at setting up OAUTH so everyone can use it.

It will be free with a ‘buy me a coffee’ option. Hopefully I’ll have it up and running in the next couple of weeks, just need to get a race out of the way first.


I’ll buy you coffee for it!

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Works well I think for a quick glance in to your current numbers. Please let me know if you think anything crucial is missing.


  • Set up OAuth so anyone can use it
  • add second screen to widget with ‘next planned activity’
  • Test on more devices (currently only tested on 955)

If you need test on 945 i’m here

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Once I’ve done the OAuth I’ll pop a beta version on here for people to try out on their devices before it goes to the connect iq store.


Offering Garmin Forerunner 55 for check.

Edge 830 and Fénix 5X :wink:

Next activity screen mostly complete.

Aiming for first alpha release for testing by the end of the week to selected devices.


I can test on a Fenix 6 and Forerunner 255 if needed

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Looking forward !

I can test on a Garmin Vivoactive 4