Garmin Connect - weight, ftp, RHR

Sorry newb question.

Have just signed up (free account at the mo).
Have now linked my Garmin account.

Weight, and ftp are shown in each historical activity as the current global value from the settings menu, and not the values I had in garmin at the time. Is this correct and if not what do I need to do?

Also RHR seems to be a global setting and not coming from Garmin health data.

I’m not a pro and all this data is for learning and interest at the moment so its not critical, but I just assumed the numbers would update from Garmin connect rather than need to updater them manually in

Loving all the data and the fitness graphs (apart from my ftp and vo2max being lower than my Garmin which randomly seems to stop working anyway), lots to learn.

(if its relevant, I initially sucked in all my data via the strava connect - and then deleted it all and linked garmin)

  1. Go to list view
  2. Select the date range from the past
  3. Tick the box to select all
  4. Edit, edit (again)
  5. Change one or more from the page: FTP, Weight, Gear and/or activity type
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Thank you, but I’m confused to the answer :slight_smile:

Are you saying that the health and ftp data from Garmin doesn’t come in and you have to manually edit all historical records, or that doing this clears the fields so the Garmin numbers come in?

I guess I’m confused where all the data from Garmin goes as I selected weight etc the import

I don’t think I’d have the patience to manually compare back to Garmin and edit all the records. And presumably would need to constantly update the weight and rhr in intervals manually going forwards?

I am saying that if you know the FTP changed from a certain date in the past, you can select that specific date range and update every activity in one bulk action.

Garmin Connect can show your history for 4w, 12w and 1y. It’s as easy as seeing the data it changed, and then aligning it to Intervals. Others apps have the same function, eg. TrainingPeaks (free version), TrainerRoad, Strava, etc.

Thanks, but I’m just trying to understand intervals and what it does and how it works. So appreciate haven’t been using it very long and will perhaps figure it out myself in time - but right now I’m struggling to comprehend why a sync facility with Garmin connect would exist if intervals then ignores that data and you have to then go in and bulk edit historical activities to set the data manually.

It’s not just ftp, it’s RHR and weight - both of which in my case change more regularly than ftp. Where does all that data go (I’ve checked those boxes in the sync but everything is seemingly overridden by the global intervals values.)

Presumably this would mean constant manual updating of health variables on an ongoing basis too? Rather than it pick up the changes from Garmin.

Just trying to work out best practice and what work would be involved to run them side by side while I work out how intervals works and whether it’s right for me. I love the data I’m just not sure whether it will suit me better overall and what to do about things like planned workouts - which I haven’t even looked at yet.

I’m not a competitive cyclist. Just trying to get in best shape at 51 and probably the long unused science degree enjoys seeing all that data. Haha.

Thanks again

Let’s go back to your original problem statement:

FTP is not updated from external applications, at this time. I don’t know if it’s due to Garmin not allowing it. However, you can match the data, as per my explanation, as a once off update to ensure that your (time in zone) TIZ data is correct.

Weight can be updated from Garmin.
You can click on the DOWNLOAD OLD DATA (providing it’s ticked in the wellness data options - pencil icon), but this is limited to 12 months, which Garmin only allows.

The IMPORT ALL GARMIN DATA link at the bottom of the Garmin settings, allows you to copy the link Garmin sends on an email to you.

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Thank you.

Ok understood re ftp. Shame but if that’s the way it is then I know what to do. For now I’ll ignore.

Re weight, I had already done both of your steps, including the full Garmin download link. Not sure in what order though, the health may have been unchecked first time round. But from what I van see all the weights are fixed at the intervals setting.

Is there any way to see the health data in one place in intervals to check its come in and what’s happening? Maybe i should just start over.

I’ll keep exploring for now.

Went back and tried again today.

Firstly, I subscribed - even if I dont use intervals long term I’m just enjoying it and wanted to at least do my small part to support!

I clicked on the ‘download old data’ (didnt fully understand the warning ) and I can now see the weights do vary as per my garmin ones, so result there - not sure quite what had happened.

But going back further historically, prior to around Aug 2023, all data reverts to the intervals global value again. So hasn’t picked up the Garmin data.

I do have gaps but as an example I can see a big range of weight fluctuations over about 5 kg in Garmin from 2021-2022, but all activities here show as 79.7 - the global intervals setting seems to persist.