Future fitness changes

hi, is it possible to plot future fitness changes based off planed workouts?
so then on the fitness graph you can plot where your fitness and form may be in a few weeks? thanks

Yes you can. Your workouts just need to have training load set. This is done automatically if you are importing a calendar from a service that provides TSS in the export (e.g. Trainer Road). Workouts built using the workout builder Intervals.icu also get training load and also “time in zones” which also shows up on the fitness chart.

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ah thanks, all I had to do was move the calendar date to show future weeks! sorry to waste your time

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I missed that too. Didn’t think anything would show, but even future races show up (red dots) if designated in TrainerRoad. Perhaps a one-click toggle amongst the 3mo / 6mo links in the date picker would improve discoverability?

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Thats a good idea. Will do something like that.

Hopefully this does the trick:


Thought I would reply to this feature request rather than opening a new one.

I think it would be really interesting/useful to have some more options on the calendar. Not saying you need to do what TrainingPeaks does, but they have some useful presets in my opinion, like

  • Last 28 and Next 7 days
  • Last 90 and Next 21 days
  • Last 180 and Next 45 days

Where clicking on one of the options sets the fitness chart to these dates.

What may be even more useful though and what I would be most interested in is something like “planned training” (I’m sure there’s a better term), where the calendar and fitness chart’s end date automatically jumps to the date of the last scheduled workout.

So if I currently have training workouts planned through October 17th, clicking the button would show all the upcoming training I have planned. Of course, I can look at my calendar then go back and see, but while planning training there is a lot of back and forth checking dates.

Of course, I can use a season but sometimes training is only planned a week or couple of weeks at a time.

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Thats a good idea. I need to try figure out where to put it in the UI …

Are your TR races shown with red dots? Mine don’t

Races labelled in Strava are red dots. Not sure which direction the labelling goes, Strava to TR, to ICU I believe