Fitness chart popup on calendar

A popup fitness chart can now be displayed on the calendar and training plan views. It makes it easier to see the impact of planning without having to use two browser windows.

Click Options and tick the “Chart” box to show on the calendar page:

You can see what a training plan will do without having to apply it to an athlete first. Tick the “Chart” box on the toolbar for training plans:

You can edit starting fitness and fatigue for a training plan.

Some more info here:


Hi @david,
Is it possible to bring in the target load/duration to the training plan view, as it shows on the activities page, please? Makes for easier cross-checking weekly load/duration against the target values.




I wonder, wouldn’t it be simpler to show Fitness / Fatigue / Form on the days (both past and future) similar to how TodaysPlan shows it?

I would love to see that for one, now I often have to find the day I want to see by scrolling through the chart, which can be hard to do on mobile.


I could also add the work overload also in this

I will get that done but it’s quite a bit of tricky work. I didn’t get the design right in the beginning.


@david , this is awesome detail-oriented work. Thanks for continuing to reflect on this amazing set of tools you’ve put together for us, and for asking yourself how they can all work together more seamlessly. I hope you find this work sustainable. I can’t wait to see what Intervals looks like in 10 years.