Enter time based intervals?

Is there a way (or easy way?) to enter time based intervals? E.G., for the workout below, if I do a workout that at the 5:00 mark I begin intervals of 30s hard x 60s rest x 15? I’ve read about workouts and played with it a bit but haven’t figured out how to use it correctly.


You can. Try copy this in the workout builder (choose category “Workout”):

- 5m 50%

- 30s 190%
- 60s 50%

- 5m 50%

Also you should turn on the “30s power” chart, looks cool on intervals like these.

Thanks David. When I do that it creates a new separate workout for the day that appears on the calendar below the ride. How do I apply that to the ride so that the intervals are correct? When I click on the ride in activities I get the screen I posted above. When I click on the workout in activities I get the Edit Calendar Entry dialog for the workout.

I’m still struggling with this. I did a TACX workout on 26 May:

  • 270s 70%
  • 30s 50%
  • 60s 100%

I then created that as a workout for that day, but then how do I apply this workout to the data from Garmin Connect?

Here’s the workout:

If I have a workout that I was using Garmin or Tacx to control, Garmin Connect has each step as a lap.
So you could use the “Use Laps” feature to match your workout steps to the post-ride data.
Otherwise, you have to manually create the matching segments.

It’s my understanding that the workouts are to show you what to do prior to your workout, but David’s amazing software analyses what you did and auto-creates the intervals you actually did to review.

Yes unfortunately Intervals.icu doesn’t tie the planned workout and activity together. So you need to use the lap button or the auto detection to find intervals.

Thank you guys. Auto intervals isn’t getting very close on these. I’ve been modifying the start/end index in the data table but that requires a bit of math (prob good for me though) and it appears to only allow two types; work & recovery, while these are three types; moderate, easy, hard (or moderate recovery, recovery, work?)

I’ll play w/ laps and see what I can figure out. Any tips would be appreciated!


You can edit the label for each intervals so you could use that for moderate, easy or hard.