Interval editing improvements

You can now have intervals that are right next to each other with no recovery interval in between. You can also split(S), merge(M) or delete(D) the interval at the marker position using keyboard keys or by clicking the button. Merging an interval merges it with the work interval on the right hand side.

Split with S to make 3 intervals:

Delete middle one with D:

Merge on left interval with M to put everything back as it was:



Woohoo! :ok_hand:

Yay! Would be also great to improve interval editing on touch devices — I do that a lot because of the Strava laps bug and it is not easy :slight_smile: . Maybe large-ish resize handles on the hovered interval?

Thanks for this David!

Splitting a work interval works well. However, when I go in to the data for my math workout editing the index I see the two work intervals but if I edit one it removes the other.

This is a really cool feature but I must be some kind of idiot because I can’t manage to work it correctly :rofl: any chance someone could do a little walk through vid?

Put the mouse cursor in the zone you want to edit:

  • A to create an interval
  • D to delete the interval
  • S to split
  • M to merge
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