Email notification when athletes upload new activities

I have added email notifications for when someone you coach uploads a new activity and a separate one for when someone you follow uploads a new activity. These can be enabled on the /athletes page and in the “Email Notifications” section of the /settings page:


Thank you :pray:

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Great job tx

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Would be great to also get emails when athletes comment activities

Thanks David,
Is it possible to implement email notification for specific planned workouts? I mean: i plan a test for an athlete next week, then he upload that activity and an email is generated only for that activity…

That was fast :grinning: Thank you so much. You must have a really good code base in order to add such features this quickly. Great job :+1:

I wish it were so … :slight_smile: The project has grown organically from just Strava and cycling, to standalone and just cycling, to multisport with several large refactorings to handle all the data. And it didn’t help that I knew very little about sports science when it started. A change like this is low risk and easy to do.

I will see what I can do about that.

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I have added those and also included other existing related notifications:



Incredible :fire::fire::fire: