Dual Power Recording Now Supported (BreakAway : Indoor Training iOS)

I recently read that IndieVelo is doing dual power recording into the FIT file. Can anyone share how this is being done? (Developer Field?) I know it’s supported by Intervals.icu.

I would like to also implement this if possible.

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Have completed support for addition of 2nd PowerMeter data to be recorded into the FIT File using Developer Fields.

let powerAltName  = powerPriority == 0 ? "TrainerPower" :
                    powerPriority == 1 ? "PMPower"      :
                    powerPriority == 2 ? "SpeedPower"   : "RandomPower"

Using this as a guide, am able to create this


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Have added 2 new Custom Streams for these.

Not sure if custom charts can be shared. But Here’s now it looks.

An Example of a longer workout. (This is a HR Based workout. So perhaps not so representative. I’ll need to do a Power Based workout.)

Edit: Added Workout HR and Actual HR overlaid to see how the app is controlling the power to stay at the prescribed workout HR