Do I predict well? :)

How do you think my predictions are realistic? I am 40 years old and I have been training regularly for one year and I have been cycling for three years. My fitness growth is OK or should it be bigger? :slight_smile:

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Just out of curiosity … how did it go?
I’ll have a shot and say you are topped out at 310 (5min power) by now if you have been training “normal” and not only vo2max orientated.
Really curious how far I’m off :slight_smile:

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My power for 5 minutes is 315w, I try to train according to a polarized training plan. A lot in the Z2 and intervals of 3 and 5 minutes. My Vo2Max is 48ml / kg / m research with laboratory.
Unfortunately, I have problems with low hematocrit, low hemoglobin and low red blood cells all the time. They’re a little below par all the time.


Do you really think you will be able to increase along that red line? Just wondering where your 5min best would be by the end of 2025 :wink:

Same for me. Iron level is fine. The one and only time these values were in a normal range in the last year’s was last December after a longer break from cycling training for about three weeks or something.
Thought it could be athletes anemia, but this seems to be related to low iron levels, so I am not sure about the reasons.