Di2 Gear Selection Graph

I see that “export original” from Strava includes the Di2 data, however, I’m not sure if they are providing that data via their api download. If so, could it be added as a graph on the workout page? I do many of my workouts in non-ERG mode on the trainer or outside and might find some utility in knowing what gear ratio I was using during a previous workout and if I had to shift during an interval.

I realize that rides uploaded from Zwift and TrainerRoad to Strava won’t include that data as they have no functionality to connect to a D-fly sensor; it seems that only rides from a D-fly compatible device (Garmin/Wahoo/etc) would include that data in their original fit file.

EDIT: on thinking through this a little further, I’m not sure the best way to visualize the data in the graph. Di2Stats.com uses color codes for each gear combination and overlays it on the gpx route. Possibly a second graph with a line that changes colors at each gear change or draw the power graph with the color codes? It’s sounding more complicated as I think through and type this.

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Unfortunately I can’t get the original file from the Strava API. I need to add an option for manual upload of the file for a Strava activity and also Garmin Connect integration to make these things possible! That is on the list already for L/R power balance.


I see uploads work now, and my first thought was to see if you graph Gear Ratio, but unfortunately do not yet. I also use Di2Stats as well as GC (which shows a line for “gear inches”) but Gear Ratio would be simple enough as then you don’t need to input the Wheel size, but if you were fancy you could simply calculate it if the user also had a cadence sensor since you already know the speed Gear inches - Wikipedia

Could you please mail me a .fit file with the gear change info. Tx.

Now with Garmin sync, Di2 data is available i think. Not only simple chart is interesting but for example same (climbing) segment with different gear and cadence in terms of efficiency. I always curious about most efficient gear/cadence at HR/Power.

I had a look at a .fit file with this info and it is quite complicated. So its on the list but will take a little while.

I just updated my offline viewer (how I look at my kids data that don’t have strava accounts) and on their website they have a simple graph of how they handle Gear Changes that you could perhaps consider: https://www.gpxsee.org/gallery/gear_ratio.png

Thanks thats very helpful. Would need to add big/small ring indicator as well I suppose.

did you ever got to implement this feature @david ?

You can look at my data on intervals.icu , i sync all my data from garmin connect and i have a campagnolo eps. you will find my ride from 2021/12/31 to be a good one for this if needed.


if you need inspiration on what to do with the shifting data:

thank you and happy new year

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Tx. I haven’t got to this yet but it is on the list.

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Any news about electronic (Sram and Di2) data display?

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+1 for this request

Is there anything I could do to help David? Only just got the new bike, and it’s annoyingly as the weather is really turning for the worse; so not sure when but happy to explore the gpx files once I have, to help understand them.

Okay, never mind for now.

I downloaded the FIT file from wahoo and I can’t see anything with gear selection
Despite this suggesting it should be available.

I used an online tool to open the fit as I’m not familiar with this, normally stick to gpx as XML is nice and easy so maybe it’s that.

If you have it on your Head unit, it should be in the FIT. Don´t bother checking gpx/tcx. It´s not supported in those formats.

Head unit was on, I can see the device info for the di2 but not any gear selection in the records.

Yeah, that’s why I tried FIT, need to find rigorous way of reading them in R or Python, I’m all :ear: :ear: :ear: if anyone has experience of this.

Those extra fields are usualy in a separate section ´extra´ and or ´dev´ fields. Golden Cheetah can read them and David is also able to. He got RR from extra and dfa from dev already implemented . For some reason, they don´t show up in Fit File Reader.

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In the past I used this page regularly, and it worked very well for what I wanted


oh, well turns out I did 0 shifts so clearly not recorded on my wahoo after all.

I use Wahoo Roam without no problem

Did you have to do anything to record this data?

Just done another ride and still not seeing any gears on di2stats.

I have 12spd Ultegra Di2, I can change the screens and see current gear on the wahoo but no sign of it recording it in the fit file (via dropbox)