Date ranges on 'Compare' charts

Hi @david

Really enjoying getting to grips with the website, I’ve had a bit of a search but not found whether the below is possible/a possibly useful to others.

On the ‘compare’ page the range of charts is amazing, however it would be great if different charts could be given different date ranges. Some things are best to compare month-month, others better season-season. I don’t know whether this would be better to give individual charts the option to give a date range, or allow additional ‘compare’ tabs which allow a range to be set for each set of charts.


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I have added this to the todo list. The main complexity is how to do that in the UI. Maybe add sections and all charts in the same section share dates.

Allowing multiple instances of the charts section, each with their own date range, would be great. It is probably a better way to arrange it than having to set dates for each individual chart for ease of updating when required.


Came here to post the same request. The ability to pick which time periods are displayed per chart would be a massive value add for me.

Being to able to have short MoM comparison charts and also full season/many months charts would let people see the short term and long term changes.

@david any updates?

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I agree this would be very useful and it’s not that hard to implement so will get done eventually. Right now sorting out pace zones and associated analytics and specifying workouts by pace is top of the list to complete the multisport picture.

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