Customized Charts

Hi all! Is there anyway to plot charts for a workout choosing the Y and X axis? For example, HR vs. Power?

Yes you can but you need to build these using Javascript code running on the server and rendered in the web app using Plotly:

If you go to the activity power, HR, pace or data pages and click the “Charts” button at the bottom you can search for charts other people have made as a starting point. People have created some neat charts:


I’ve seen that in all customized charts the horizontal axis is time. I wonder if it’s possible to change this in order to plot HR in the vertical axis as a function of Power in the horizontal axis. This is useful to see the histéresis in HR, which is an indicator of the aerobic capacity.

That chart already exists on the Compare page (although, that is a general chart and not activity specific).
Power vs Heartrate where HR can be chosen as a % of max or Threshold.

Another way of checking Aerobic capacity/Decoupling is available on the activity HR page in Options. There’s Histogram, Power & HR and Decoupling chart.


Yes, you are right but the point to see HR vs Power for an activity can be very useful specially for a dedicated test consisting of a power ramp up and down. HR will be higher for the same power when you ramp down than when you ramp up. That’ll give you a hysteresis curve with an area that can be used as an indicator of your aerobic capacity. I find this parameter more useful than decoupling.

Haven’t seen this before but I’m always interested when something new comes around. Do you have any source with more info on how to interpret this?
And what’s the recommended speed for the ramp in %ftp/min?

You could definitely build that. You can look at the RRa1 chart to start.

Incorporating hysteresis as a marker is an active subject of research. There’s not a protocol. You may check the following paper