Coros and structured workouts

The one thing that’s keeping me kind of tied to TrainingPeaks at the moment is that there is no way for to post structured workouts to Coros.

I did some looking around, and I think Coros is being a bunch of weasels with their API and there is no easy way for to post to Coros (TrainingPeaks does have that ability but don’t see anyone else have it, so it’s probably a “private API”)

So my question is not really a question, because I think of Coros had a public API would already be using it. But just in case I missed it, would there be any way to get structured workouts from here to Coros?

I don’t know of any way to do that unfortunately. I have mailed them to ask for API access. Lets see what happens.

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I’ll mail them as well (won’t probably make any difference, but at least I can pretend it did)