Change pool length

@david Please tell me how to change the length of the pool in the created workout at, because by default it sets the length to 25 meters when I have a pool of 50 meters. Thanks

I hadn’t thought of anyone using the workout builder for swimming workouts. So does you watch tell you how many laps based on the time and pace? Is it possible to change the pool length on the watch?

There is a field in the data I send to Garmin for pool length so it is probably possible. Need to figure out how to represent it in the builder.

Yes, you can change the length of the pool on the watch.

One also needs distance-based intervals for pools! (For running too)

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And I also wanted to ask.
I use the Garmim HRM-Tri chest strap cardio sensor in training, and when synchronizing swimming training at, the pulse is either not transmitted at all, or it is transmitted literally for a couple of seconds of the start of the training. Is it possible to fix this, if so how?

I am not sure how to fix that. There is very little HR data in the file. You can try download one (go to the activity data page and click “Original FIT File” and load on and have a look. It might be possible to get your device to record HR with the records.

How can you even create distance based workout? I think it’s not yet possible, although I would really like it!

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You can sort of. You need to capture the step using time and pace and the workout editor displays the distance. The distance will change if your threshold pace changes or the workout is used by an athlete with a different threshold pace.