Capture and show VO2max


im new to (and very excited, very nice tool!).
I’m using Strava as base of my trainig data. In addition i’m using my polar watch for “wellness” data.

With my watch i can do a “fitness test” wich measures/estimates my VO2max. Can i capture this value in in a way, to use it in a custom chart?

Thanks and best regards

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Tx. I have added a “VO2 Max” wellness field. Note that this isn’t deployed yet, will do that on Monday AM (GMT+2).

Click “Fields”:

Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 13.29.30

It is also available as a fitness plot.


This is great thanks David!!

This is another part in the missing few things I raised in another thread ref being able to plot the TTE metric and also some way of either manually capturing Fractional Utilisation or having it calculated and available to plot (5 Min Power / FTP)

Wow, great news and awsome fast! Thanks a lot!

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@david, I see the VO2max info shown on the “Power” page now, which is great. I hoped to add this on the “Fitness” page in the chart. When I add “VO2Max” plot to a chart, it is empty. I am guessing this is because it’s looking for actual VO2 data input (which I don’t have) vs the new one you are calculating?

Is it possible to get a plot option for the one you are generating and showing on the “Power” page, so we can chart that too?

Yes the fitness page plots the captured value from wellness. I am going to be adding the calculated value and best power for x time traces soon.


SWEET!!! Thanks for the info and always growing the app. I’m constantly amazed at the work you do and the progress we see. :+1:


Excellent news! Please include TTE also :smiley:

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