Calendar - Start Day of the Week?

Hi All,

Is there a way to change the day in which a training week starts? My training week starts on a Wednesday and it would be a nice feature to be able to bundle my weekly stats with that as my referenced start day.

Thanks in advance


Monday as start of week is quite hardcoded in but this feature is on the to do list.


I definitely wasn’t expecting to read your training week starts on a Wednesday!

Is this due to work or something?

I’m just super curious what drives this unique behavior. :slight_smile:


@Jordan_White - family first, Tuesday is Daddy/Daughter day :smiley:

That might change in the future too, so being able to move it would be a convenient feature rather than necessary :slight_smile:

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I second this. I start my training week on a saturday, so it would be great to set that.


I second this - my training week also starts on a Wednesday :slight_smile:

Just to add support - I start my training week on Sunday!


I do start my week on Monday, and train when I have time and motivation to :wink:
I do like to have the calendar match my other calendars as close as possible, as it would be really weird to have a calendar start on some random day. How would you match that completely different workout calendar to a “normal” calendar?

I mean personally I’m in the US so all my calendars start on Sunday so… it would match my normal calendar :wink:

a little bit offtopic, but here in europe the weekend is sat/sun (at the end of the working week mon-fri). Does that mean you start the week with half a weekend, and end it with the other half?

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Like bookends, one at each end.

For me my training week would start on Saturday.

Why? I am co-parenting, and I have my daughter from Friday evening until Friday evening. Setting the start of week to Saturday, allows me to sync my rest-week with the period my daughter is with me (and I have less time to train).

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Would love this feature. Weekends tend to be the big rides (for most people) and if you work off of training load as the metric to increase week by week, it would be a great advantage to start the week on Saturday.
That way you get ahead of the training load (TSS) you need to do and can plan how much is still left to do during the work week (Mon-Fri). When starting Monday sometimes you have already accumulated too much load towards the weekend or need to guess how much the weekend ride will be in order to not go over or under.

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If you plan your weeks correctly, and stick to the plan, then you will always be close to your weekly goal. The plan can also involve knowing how and when to shift workouts when life does’t go to plan.

Start here with the annual training plan (ATP), by putting in data that you know will happen, then fill in the gaps to get to your weekly goals.

The issue arises from mixing structured workouts with unstructured rides with friends (mostly on weekends, but not only). If you only ever do structured training, the issue never really arises since all your riding can be planned very well and you always have a good idea of how much load (TSS) is still required.
Unstructured rides can vary quite largely depending on the length of the group ride, the parcours, as well as the intensity.
Starting the week on Saturday would eliminate most of the guesswork for most people since most of the unstructured “fun stuff” happens on weekends when people have more time. You get ahead of your weekly load (TSS) figure and can finish the rest with your usual structured intervals and LIT combo.

Your premise of planning and sticking to plan doesn’t work without having to mentally manage it and guess, since there is only so much you can plan if part of your riding includes unstructured rides with friends/clubs or races on weekends. This is why people develop adaptive training apps. Thanks for trying to help though. :slight_smile:


What I’d like to know is what is this cyclist obsession with starting calendars on Monday? TrainerRoad does the same thing and it drove me crazy. It was one of the main reasons I stopped using that platform!

It has nothing to do whith a ´cyclist obsession´, it´s simply regional…


I’ve never heard that before - and I’m OLD! I just assumed it was cyclists trying to be special because TrainerRoad (a US based company) also starts their calendar on Monday. Doesn’t make it any less annoying for those with calendars all around them (computer, wall, etc.) showing Sunday as the start of the week.

In support…I’m also interested in having plans start on different days of the week. I have coached and coach a number of athletes where a seven day week is not the best solution for them.

Is this possible?

I think the answer still is a No. I vaguely remember something about how it’s all baked in and needing massive change or things like that.

But hey, I’m not David :sweat_smile: