Calendar/Activities View

I think the calendar view is one of the most important features for athletes with structured training plans. I really love that I can import my TR calendar :heart_eyes:Everything is in one place now. I love that.

But still I have two things:

  • Is there a reason to it, that it is upside down? It was a bit confusing the first time I used it. But anytime I have to change something in TrainerRoad I’m confused again and have to get used to it again :sweat_smile:
  • The other thing is: It would be very helpful to see more future weeks. In fact seeing the whole upcoming year would be very helpful. Especially when using it as a workout and race calender as well. In my case I always have to switch to TrainerRoad to see my upcoming workouts. Which is a little inconvenient.

Keep up the great work :muscle:

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I hadn’t seen the other training calendars when I built this and it seemed natural to scroll down to see older stuff. But yes some people have found it confusing. I could add an option to reverse it.

You can use the date drop down to show more future activities.

I did experiment with “pulling down” to load more future activities but it was annoying when just scrolling up to the top of the page and more stuff appearing. The same problem would re-appear if I did invert the calendar.

But you are not the first person to ask “how to see more future stuff” so I do need to do something!

Nice, thanks.

The so-called “infinite-scroll” is a very common behavior: Loading new items, when arriving at the bottom end by scrolling down. But that means you would have to invert the calendar. You can look at trainer road as an example. They did it exactly like this. I think that would solve a lot of usability problems. Simply because users are very familiar to this behavior. It is implemented from so many applications.

Another thing: It would also help to highlight the current day a little more. I noticed it as a problem by loading more future activities as you said.

Thank you David :slightly_smiling_face:


I hadn’t jumped in on this topic as I thought I’d give it a go for a while, but now that I’ve used for a while the ‘upside down’ calendar does still seem odd. I get your reasons for it, but all other calendars in the world (not just training calendars such as TR and TP, but standard calendars like Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar etc.) are all the other way up so I just find it confusing at times when trying to use the Calendar in

I guess there isn’t a right way or a wrong way to do it, but trying to reset my thinking when every other calendar is the other way around just isn’t working.



I’m obviously the oddball here - I actually like the way it is now better. BTW, many calendars go left and right (Strava, Garmin) and also PC based calendars do, like on my Macs. But then again, I also use the contra ‘Natural scroll’ mouse setting on my Mac too - swiping down scrolls the page down and not up, as is the default…

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I have an open todo list item to make this configurable. The only solution. :slight_smile:


I agree 100% with the OP. The upside down calendar is very disorienting. Calendars hanging on the wall have the future dates at the bottom and the future months below these. Please add an option to view calendar/activities in this fashion. Cheers.

But MUAs (EDIT: and chat-lists in Messengers) nowadays typically have the newest stuff at the top…
I do “hate“ top-posting in email, but I really like the order the calendar works;-)

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It’s nice to have a ‘view’ option.
Texts and Messages (iMessage, Signal, What’sApp, etc) all have newest at the bottom, while blogs are top-loaded.

Being new to I agree with the OP that the upside down calendar does feel un-intuitive and I would prefer the option to keep it reversed.

It’s nice to have a ‘view’ option.
Texts and Messages (iMessage, Signal, What’sApp, etc) all have newest at the bottom, while blogs are top-loaded.

@david Has this calendar inversion feature been resolved? If so, I can’t seem to find how to flip it…

The feature is not yet incorporated.


I’m waiting too

!00% in agreement that the calendar is the only part of the system I would change. Can’t wait for this to be inverted. Hopefully soon>

Keep up the great work on what is a fantastic product.

It’s a funny thing. I wanted the calendar to scroll the way I was used to in TP. Now, after a few months, I love the way it is! :hugs:

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Hi Howie

Good point.

At the moment I come from TR where it is very much about looking forward (plan & progression levels) rather looking back at what you have done.

Would be nice to have the user option as to which way the calendar worked. Hopefully this feature will be coming soon and if not then perhaps I might learn to enjoy what we have at the moment just like you.

Great product and really enjoying it.

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I really wish I could set the default Calendar view to ‘Today’ instead of having it default to the current month (thereby showing future weeks). Drives me bonkers having to scroll down to the current week.

Any luck being able to do this?

I just added an option “Show next week”. If you untick that the calendar defaults to showing only the current week. I like to see the next week myself to see what the weather is doing :slight_smile: