BreakAway: Indoor Training - Now Supports Intervals.Icu Workout Library

Next official version would be able to sync workouts in the WorkoutLibrary (it will be named as Int.Icu[FolderName]) to the BreakAway: Indoor Training app similar to the WOD it currently supports.(With Graphic)

if you’ve enabled this feature, ( Workout Library), then when you do a “Pull to Refresh” in the LIBRARY tab, it will also auto-sync your libraries to the BreakAway App.

Take note that the initial Sync will take a longer time, especially if you have a large library so please bear with it as it syncs. Subsequent syncs will only look for new(er) workouts so it will be much snappier.

Tx for reading and considering testing out the app.
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This feature is now officially live and available from the Apple App Store.

Let me know if there are issues and what not and how I can help.


App4g, in your opinion what would be the minimum required for an iPad, for the application to work without any problems, taking into account an investment for the next 2 years, and also not currently being a large investment.
Winter is coming and I’m trying to organize things to have a good training platform.

My main device when running this app is an iPad Mini 2 (Circa 2013). It’s running iOS12 and It runs smoothly (esp now I’ve changed to using the GPU to draw the power/Hr etc charts). CPU usage is now ~10% vs prev 50-80%.

If you want ALL the features (that includes the “Weekly In Review” Sync with / Assigning gears to Garmin Connect etc), you would need min iOS14 which i believe is

  • iPad Air 2 and later.
  • iPad Pro (all models)
  • iPad 5th generation and later.
  • iPad mini 4 and later.


Edit: I do not recommend the ipad mini2 as it’s nearly unusable for most other things. Games and apps don’t play well on it as it’s really too slow for the newer games. web surfing is ok, but max like 3 tabs and it keeps refreshing.

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