Best way to integrate apple watch / apple health data into

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone can point me into the correct direction. I have a apple watch and would like to collect the sleep, rest bpm, etc welness data from apple to
Notice that some are doing it with healthfit app.
Is there any more easy way for this integration?

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Have you took a look at this?

Note : I don’t use an apple watch so I may be very off the mark

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What’s wrong with Healthfit? It has done the job perfectly for me.


nothing wrong, i am just looking for seamless alternatives

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I have also used Healthfit for synchronisation purposes and haven’t found anything better out there.


I’ve been using RunGap and it works well.


i end up using Healthfit too, it does work seamless


Hi Elaine, does RunGap sync resting HR, sleep etc into

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Hey Greg! I’ve attached a screenshot of what RunGap can read from Apple Health. Remember nothing ‘syncs’ with Intervals unless Intervals had an API for the specific metric. I don’t think there is a metric intervals for sleep or resting HR…but I could be wrong.

Thanks @elaine.montoya looks like HealthFit reads and passes on more then so I’ll give that a go. It appears to separate health metrics from fitness metrics

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I do track all those things…but in various apps. Also, your screenshot is Sources - not what is shared with the specific app you are connecting to.

I believe your question was directly related to Intervals? If you are using HealthFit as your one stop data app, looks like a good fit for you. On the other hand, if you think HealthFit will be sending that data to Intervals, you need to see if Intervals has the API for each of these metrics. I don’t believe it does. Basically, APIs are how one app communicates with another.

  • HealthFit has the API to receive this information.
  • What APIs does it have to share this information
  • What APIs does Intervals have to receive these metrics?

If you’re trying to use Intervals as your one stop data app, then the last item is the most important. Make sense?

The API supports updating and reading all of the wellness fields:

public Float weight;
public Integer restingHR;
public Float hrv;               // rMSSD
public Float hrvSDNN;
public MenstrualPhase menstrualPhase;
public Integer kcalConsumed;
public Integer sleepSecs;
public Float sleepScore;
public Integer sleepQuality;    // Poor(4), Avg(3), Good(2), Excellent(1)
public Float avgSleepingHR;
public Integer soreness;        // None(0), Low(1), Avg(2), High(3), Extreme(4)
public Integer fatigue;         // None(0), Low(1), Avg(2), High(3), Extreme(4)
public Integer stress;          // None(0), Low(1), Avg(2), High(3), Extreme(4)
public Integer mood;            // Poor(4), Avg(3), Good(2), Excellent(1)
public Integer motivation;      // Poor(4), Avg(3), Good(2), Excellent(1)
public Integer injury;          // Injured(4), Poor(3), Niggle(2), Excellent(1)
public Float spO2;              // 0-100%
public Integer systolic;        // blood pressure mmHg
public Integer diastolic;
public Integer hydration;       // Well Hydrated (1), Hydrated(2), Dehydrated(3), Very Dehydrated(4)
public Float hydrationVolume;   // litres consumed
public Float readiness;
public Float baevskySI;
public Float bloodGlucose;      // mmol/L
public Float lactate;           // mmol/L
public Float bodyFat;           // %
public Float abdomen;           // cm
public Float vo2max;            // ml/kg/min
public String comments;

yup, it appears to be working with healthfit that I setup yesterday, I’ve now got sleep time, resting HR, SPo2 and HRV appearing in intervals

Thanks for posting the API metrics @david ! Very useful!

Just checked…looks like RunGap has also been syncing my Resting HR so that data is there. Not sleep though (monitored via Eight Sleep and Apple Health). But looking at David’s API metrics it appears that Sleep, Soreness, Fatigue, Stress, Mood, Motivation, Injury, and Hydration are all added manually as a ‘self-perceived’ metrics. @david - can you confirm?

Yes those are normally captured using the wellness dialog. But an app using the API could also update them. You can also update via the wellness CSV upload.

My Apple Watch is recording sleep time which is getting passed into intervals

HealthFit pushes a lot to, and if there are reasonable further metrics from the AW that fit into the developer is (has been) very responsive to feature requests (including an account here in the forum;-)

Hey guys, I’m using Apple Watch and then collect all my sleep data through the sleep app and the AutoSleep app (third party) has anyone discovered how to sync this data with

I don’t want to pay for another app

vide supra

I don’t want to pay for another app

I fear, for now, you have to retreat to adding the info to by hand:-o

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