Add resting heartrate, heart rate variability, sleep etc

Is it possibile to add a field in the calender to add resting heartrate, heartrate variability and sleep data?

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I have added that to do the todo list. Tx.


I want to start working on this soon. Basically logging for any kind of data that might be of interest. I need a list of things people would like to track with name, description, units and possible values. What you see in the app will be configurable so you won’t be swamped with all sorts of stuff you don’t care about.

Is there any point in involving “time” in this or is a “record per day” acceptable? A lot of things are simpler if there is no time.

  • Resting HR, bpm
  • Weight, kg/lb
  • Sleep time, hours
  • Sleep quality, units?
  • HR variability, units?
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For HRV, I propose RMS successive difference (between beat-to-beat intervals) in milliseconds. That’s pretty much the most common time domain measure in the literature I’ve seen.

I like the sound of all the above…but how are you going to ingest the data? I use an AW and the health app works with other apps etc.

But how are you going to ingest the data into the intervals platform? I would love to have all the extra data points though.

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First will be manual capture and then download from Garmin Health. I think you can get the Apple stuff to sync to Garmin.

what if you have a wahoo?

I wish…

I have contacted them, didn’t get a reply. Garmin are quote open with API access. You just have to ask, meet branding and guidelines etc…

I would still need to get it from my Apple watch to Garmin. No nterest there, as they have some watches of their own. I do get some parameters from my Edge, but anything not recorded on that, doesn’t count.

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Did you also ask the “go to” HRV-app makers?
eliteHRV, HRV4Training, Whoop, Oura…?
Most people I know use one of the above and usually sync to TP/WKO. I know that elite and HRV4training can push to TP. It’s a one time fee for the user with elite, not sure about HRV4. Maybe those guys could provide the same kind of integration with

This one is free and simple and allow to see in a second how is your state of fitness :

I have been in contact with eliteHRV. I just need to get all this up and running with manual entry, then do whatever integrations I can.


Some of us do not have or want to use Garmin at all.
I really hope there will be a way to direct sync via Apple Health, without Garmin involved in any way.

If you don’t want to go down the route of developing your own iOS/Android app (which is the only way to access Health data) I highly recommend looking into HealthFit for exporting directly to the account on your site.
I ‘ve used this for TrainingPeaks before they integrated support for Apple Health in their app and it works flawlessly: please take a look

This would also export workouts that are not synced directly to Strava

Fitness Syncer is another option:

Please don’t limit people to Garmin.


Tx. I will have a look at those.

I’d like to echo my support for Fitness Syncer. I use it to move data from service to service when no other official means with the equipment I have exists. I use it to move things like weight to Strava, sleep to Training Peaks, etc.

If this site could be an endpoint (just a thought, I have no idea what that would entail on the back end between the apps and developers involved), it could potentially solve the Strava rate limit issue.

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Anyone have an idea how to get the values from HRV4training into Garmin or into I only can get it into TrainingPeaks.


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The biggest bang for the buck would be to connect Apple HealthFit to
FitnessSyncer and HealthKit both can do it, they support a million sites, if the API is in place to receive those it shouldn’t be to hard to convince them to add I.i

I also use HRV4Training from the brilliant Marco Altini, and I’m sure he’d probably add it, but direct export form HealthKit would cover all the iOS users.

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In can we input decimals in Wellness Data popup for HRV or just absolute numbers?